<p>in the meantime - check out linkage V3 a windoze program for working it out the hard way :)</p><p>http://blog.rectorsquid.com/linkage-mechanism-designer-and-simulator/</p>
I was just going to mention that project! Are they making it commercially available? Anyway, great project. Can you embed a YouTube video?
i actually hunted down an email from one of the designers involved with the Disney research and begged them to make it public - that software is just mind blowing. but he said Disney had no current plans for making it public.
<p>Can't say I'm surprised. Good thing smart people like us can figure it out on our own! Anyway, this is a really cool project. Mechanical art is going to be huge in the near future because of the plunging cost of rapid prototyping. You're on the cutting edge, joehan!</p>
<p>Many thanks to get this information ! It's sad Disney doesn't want to make the software available and the years are passing quickly. Maybe another company or group will see the potential.</p>
very cool. Have you checked out Disney's computational design of mechanical characters software?<br>http://www.gizmag.com/disney-research-mechanical-characters/28428/

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