AMT's Sniper Rifle





Introduction: AMT's Sniper Rifle

This is a true trigger, 12 shot mag fed rifle. It uses several modded pieces that I will point out during the Instructable. I will most likely add on to it and improve it. Sorry about some of the pics had to use a crummy camera. I give much of the credit to my friend, coolorange, for suplying the camera and posting the instructable but the gun was all my designe.

Step 1: The Stock

This is the stock. It's pretty good cause it can fit to your shoulder and it makes it more comfy. just folow the pics.

Step 2: The Handle

This is the handle and boddy. prety strongand sturdy.

Step 3: The Barrel and Firing Pin

This is barrel. Have fun.

Step 4: The Mag!!!

This is the 12 shot mag works great!!

Step 5: Front Part(silencer) and Other Parts(trigger Too)

the silencer makes the gun look cool, also other parts such as the second handle and the trigger

Step 6: Rubberband and String Attachment

this will show you how to attach the rubber bands and the strings!!

Step 7: Have Fun

i hope you like this gun and i am not responisible for inguries (i cant spell)and keep out of reach of children or realy stupid adults!



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    lovein the stock. so comfy.

    lol, thanks. this gun is so old though, you should make sometin worth the parts like a br8 or zkar or sometin

    alrit m8, i gunna be honest, the gun iz kl  but can u make it again and use a better camera plz, thnx m8.

    ya sory bout the camera, next ible i make (wich probably wont be for a while till i get some inspiration) will be taken with a 2000$ nikon. idk y my dad is obsesed with cameras but it helps for ibles, lol

    what is the modded piece on pic 1

    Liked the gun!!!

    What "modified" pieces does it use? (I throw away broken ones lol)

    on pic 4 witch part of the gun is it? and can u use another peice instead of the modded orange?