Picture of AMT's sniper rifle
Knex gun 039.jpg
This is a true trigger, 12 shot mag fed rifle. It uses several modded pieces that I will point out during the Instructable. I will most likely add on to it and improve it. Sorry about some of the pics had to use a crummy camera. I give much of the credit to my friend, coolorange, for suplying the camera and posting the instructable but the gun was all my designe.
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Step 1: The Stock

Picture of The Stock
Stock part 2.jpg
Stock part4.jpg
compleate stock.jpg
comleate stock2.jpg
This is the stock. It's pretty good cause it can fit to your shoulder and it makes it more comfy. just folow the pics.

Step 2: The handle

Picture of The handle
handle part2.jpg
handle part3.jpg
complete handle.jpg
stock to handle.jpg
This is the handle and boddy. prety strongand sturdy.

Step 3: The barrel and firing pin

Picture of The barrel and firing pin
barral part2.jpg
barral part3.jpg
barral part4.jpg
how to mod.jpg
This is barrel. Have fun.

Step 4: The mag!!!

This is the 12 shot mag works great!!

Step 5: Front part(silencer) and other parts(trigger too)

the silencer makes the gun look cool, also other parts such as the second handle and the trigger

Step 6: Rubberband and string attachment

Picture of rubberband and string attachment
rubberband part2.jpg
rubberband part4.jpg
this will show you how to attach the rubber bands and the strings!!

Step 7: Have fun

i hope you like this gun and i am not responisible for inguries (i cant spell)and keep out of reach of children or realy stupid adults!
FutJJ6 years ago
too much yellow conenctors for me :(