Lots of people are bound to have old dried up ballpens you want to throw away. Among the heaps of other odds and ends I hesitate to throw away are pen caps :D I had been trying to think of something to do with them when one day i had to use one instead of a paperclip. They look nice and are super easy to make!

Step 1: what you need

You will need:

1) old pen caps
2)acrylic paints
4) little odds and ends for decoration
5) craft glue/engineering glue 

CAUTION: If you are going to use engineering  glue make sure you wear eye protection and also have a hanky to avoid inhaling the glue. It is pretty volatile and dangerous to smell. Also take care not to spill any on you hands. Wear some tough gloves made of rugged cloth or the like. In case your skin comes in contact with the glue, apply some oil and soap and  use some mild abrasive material like a pumice stone to scrub away the glue. Repeat till all the glue and been scrubbed off and wash under cool running water. 


Such a cool idea! my pen and pen-caps keep getting apart from each other! this would be a great way to recycle the caps :)
thanks :) <br>
thanks :) <br>
This is really nice!
thank you :)

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