Introduction: ANGEL TREE

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This is the finished angel tree

Step 1: Materials Full Proyect

Picture of Materials Full Proyect
    1 Mini Pine Tree
    2 Red Garland (30 cms)
    2 Red Flowers
    Beach Stones (for Nativity Cave)
    48 Gold mini Christmas Balls
    1 Red punch cup
    1 Mini Nativity set
    1 Red dish
    1 Liquid Silicone glue
    36 Crocheted Angels

Step 2: Materials for Angels

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Embroidery thread hank (several colors)
5 mm silk Ribbon (several colors)
18mm pearl bead
Gold cord
36 clothing tacks or embellishments (for the knot)
36 38mm white metal bell with hole in handle
1 Size 4/2.00mm steel crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge
1 Fork

Step 3: Making the Andel Bow

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Just follow the graphic chart

Step 4: Angel #1

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Some people like text instructions and others graphics...

You can make 12 of each model or as many as you want to decor you tree, I used 36 for my 40cm tree. Also fell free to change the colors

Step 5: Angel #2

Picture of Angel #2

Step 6: Angel # 3

Picture of Angel # 3

Step 7: Assembling Angels

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After you have the Dress and Wings,

  1. Put inside the bell and sew the neck part around the bell's handle, fasten off.
  2. cut 15t cms of gold cord and tie it at the end joining the two ends
  3. Insert your crochet through the bell's handle and pull up the cord
  4. Do the same to insert the cord into the Pearl
  5. glue the wings and secure it to the back of the dress
  6. Place and fixate the bow to the chst of the angel with glue

Let it dry and store until you have all your angels.

Step 8: Final Assembling

Picture of Final Assembling
  1. Center and glue the cup to the dish
  2. Fixate the nativity set around 1/3 of the cup
  3. the other 2/3's place and glue your beach stones to make look like a cave.
  4. Decor the tree with the gafrland, Flowers, mini alls and Angels
  5. When everythng is dry place the tree inside the cup and fixate

That's all folks, enjoy!


QUETEPAA (author)2015-12-29


josesi (author)2015-12-29

Maybe some day I'll be able to make one for my bedroom?

acalidad (author)2015-12-21

pretty work

sebas-blood (author)2015-12-12

Que bonito

kseidner (author)2015-12-12


seamster (author)2015-12-10

Very nice! I love that you crocheted each little angel. Impressive work! :)

MabelM1 (author)seamster2015-12-10

Thanks a lot!

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