Step 13: Student Planning, Building and Testing.

Here's a sneak peak of the planning, testing and building stage. The tournament will be held next week.

This first video demonstrates a few test runs.

Keep in mind that the Zip-line they're using for their tests is not the actual tournament Zip-line. They're projects will have to be proven at even greater heights.

Check out the final tournament footage here.
lemonie i think Mr. Noack is deffinately right here, i am part of the ipod generation, and i love angry birds!!
The world is getting angry and making everything on it like many of the game developers already launched similar games to the original but no one can beat the original. One example of angry santa http://angrybirdsonlinegames.org/angry-santa/ <br />
I don't think that you should have angry <em>birds</em> in this <sub>(copyright lawyers...)</sub> but it's a great collective of work, nice video.<br> <br><br> <br>L
Well the birds aren't angry they are the prey ^^ He have bought the games but are using the product in his own way, its hard for me to see the harm in it. But I understand your point. But then if he would have problem wit this then there wouldn't be possible to make Lego docking stations for phones or anything because its actually a grey area for anything. And if there is something people should react to it is small minded companies.
The birds are unnecessary, we know where the idea came from.<br> <br> L
The birds are necessary. My grade nine students are the ipod generation. They relate to this project because it's something they know. Authenticity = engagement. <br> <br>I'm not sure I'd show up on any copyright radar. I'm using the angry birds product for my own project, and not for commercial gain. If instructables was worried about your copyright logic, they'd have to delete half the site. <br> <br>J
OK, I get the idea, thanks.<br> <br> L
Love it =)
Oh my. This is impressive!
Thanks!. It's fun to play too!

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