Picture of  Annas cape from Frozen Diy Disney

here is how to sew a cape from frozen!! Pls forgive the crudity of my examples, i had already made it when i decided to publish it on instructables, it is more guesstimating then a pattern, think of it as custom tailoring ;)
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Step 1:

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What youll need:

sewing machine
2 yards of fleece
2 yards of pink fabric

Top cape: you want to measure it out from your shoulder toshoulder and add about 5-10 inches depending on how long u want it
then make a big circle from where you drew you r measurements, all the way around like a circle, then cut it out,

now draw an inner circle,estimate smaller when you draw a circle to fit your head, start at a circle that is 4x4 inches, and work your way up . you can always cut bigger, not smaller then slip it over your head to see if it fits,

cut a line through the fabric to cut the head hole. cut out the head hole. Example in next picture

Step 2:

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cut the headhole. think of it as looking at a doughnut with a slit in the front part. then cut around the measured edges.

Step 3:

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repeat the same step following the pattern of the warm inter facing

Step 4:

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now you sew the two together: make sure u use pins otherwise it could end up crooked.

Step 5:

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once youve sewn them together, add a slit in either side of the front, then add a button on the other side then enjoy!! if u want you can add a long bottom cape to look exactally like hers, but other wise it goes both ways for disney frozen, and a regular cape
horseygal2014 (author) 1 year ago
thanks! It only takes like ten minutes! There is no pattern for sale anywhere too..
My sister would love this!