here is how to sew a cape from frozen!! Pls forgive the crudity of my examples, i had already made it when i decided to publish it on instructables, it is more guesstimating then a pattern, think of it as custom tailoring ;)

Step 1:

What youll need:

sewing machine
2 yards of fleece
2 yards of pink fabric

Top cape: you want to measure it out from your shoulder toshoulder and add about 5-10 inches depending on how long u want it
then make a big circle from where you drew you r measurements, all the way around like a circle, then cut it out,

now draw an inner circle,estimate smaller when you draw a circle to fit your head, start at a circle that is 4x4 inches, and work your way up . you can always cut bigger, not smaller then slip it over your head to see if it fits,

cut a line through the fabric to cut the head hole. cut out the head hole. Example in next picture
thanks! It only takes like ten minutes! There is no pattern for sale anywhere too..
My sister would love this!

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