This is an instructable on how to make the second book in my Antagonistic Books set (the one that can only be opened once). This one is pretty easy (although it requires basic knowledge of welding). Besides that, theres only one hiccup that can happen, and I'll cover that.

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:

Two metal plates cut to the same size.
A Bi-Directional Ratchet
A place to weld
Pages to put inside your book
Rubber Cement
(potentially you may also need a wrench and a needle or awl)

Step 2: Cut Down the Metal

Sorry I don't have a lot of photos for this intractable. What you want to do here is cut down the front cover of your book so that there is space for the rachet to fit comfortably above it.

Optionally, if you want to make a more secure book, you may want to have a second ratchet on the bottom side of your book, if so, obviously you will have to cut down your front cover even more

Step 3: Weld the Metal to the Ratchet

 This is all pretty self explanatory, but basically you will want to weld the ratchet body to your back cover, and then weld your front cover to the tool attachment point on your ratchet.

Step 4: Fix the Ratchet

here is the tricky part.
Many bi-directional ratchets use a plastic switching component. Welding can burn this component and turn the ratchet into a one way ratchet. Because you will want to fill in the inside of your un-closable book after you've welded it, if it has been turned into a one way ratchet, you won't be able to close it again after completing the inside, effectively turning your book from a once open to a never opened book.

The solution to this is to rotate the switch segment of the ratchet and pull it out at the same time. Because the plastic switch is stuck, the pin with the spring in the ratchet switch will move into a position that allows the whole switch to be removed. once it's out you should have a reasonable view of the switch. Take your awl or needle and place it on the switch side that isn't inset and gently tap on your awl or pin with your wrench/hammer/anything. Eventually the switch will break free of the melting and move again.

Push the spring and pin back into the switch component, and place it back into the ratchet. Everything should work fine again

Step 5: Figure Out the Insides

bind some papers together and put them inside the book. Make sure that the book is able to open freely with the papers where they are, and then glue them inside. Rubber cement works really well.

Finally, close the book, and weld the switch on the ratchet head closed so that it cannot be switched anymore.

Step 6: And You're Done!

treasure your single opening.

once I get the other books done, I'll post videos of all of them at my website: www.stfj.net
How about you put a lock on the book, read it, then throw away the key.
You cut around the cardboard of the cover...
Huh<br />
Huh? HUH!?!?! You cut around the peice of cover which the lovk is fastened to
well, &quot;you cut around the cardboard of the cover&quot; isn't the best way to explain that you can just remove the lock by cutting it out.<br /> I understand the huh, and I understand your reaction, but saying &quot;huh&quot; 2&nbsp; more times was a completely unnecessary way to amplify Kapn Krunch's stupidity.<br /> Actually, it kind of made you look stupid at the same time.<br />
Thats a bit harsh
lol it is<br />
sorry, was kind of grumpy at that comment, saw something that could be flamed and did.<br />
Shut up! I know I'm stoopy but i believe that rubbing it someones face is not always the best way to solve problems. You see you are acting rather immature by saying that I'm stupid, and i highly suggest trying to have at least some manners thank you.<br />
I love the art element here, and thank you for providing the explanation about your class. <br /> This also made me think of the books in the Harry Potter series that don't behve like ordinary books. e.g. a book that chases you around the room and tries to bit you cannot be digitized either!<br />
Actually, you could make an ebook with a virus in it - that would bite you!&nbsp; On a related note, how about an ebook, say the Iliad or Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, that reads your address book and mails itself to everyone you know.&nbsp; Kind of like an educational virus... or something.
Polyspace, you WIN the game.<br />
Any more 'ibles in this series coming soon? Can't wait to see what happens next...<br />
actually, i thought it was ~nearly a very useful thing.&nbsp; at first, i thought it would open once then close, then never open again.&nbsp; this would be useful for passing information only once, then have the message essentially self-destruct.<br />
He should make a sequel to this instructable on how to make a book that only closes once.<br />
&nbsp;What kind of welder are you using? That weld looks very weak, and if it's an ARC welder, than thats understandable
Not to be rude, but are you implying ARC&nbsp;welding is inherently weak?&nbsp; I'd say not much aside from skilled TIG&nbsp;would look good in this situation.&nbsp; He's trying to weld light gauge sheet to hardened tool steel, definitely not a prescription for an easy weld.<br />
No, I meant that the kind of welds ARC and TIG/MIG make are very different, and that if it was TIG/MIG, it could be weak, but ARC's welds are different.
Welds are weak only from a skill standpoint not from the type of welding being done. MIG can not be weak when that is what is used to assemble a NASCAR.
sooooo just to be sure this book once open it stays that way? or once close it stays close for ever?, and is there a way to revert the process?<br />
you could re-close and reset it by cutting the weld on the switch so you can change the ratchet to go the other direction...<br />
&nbsp;once it is opened it stays open forever.<br /> <br /> with the same instructions though, you could make a book that once closed is closed forever... just by welding the ratchet in the other position<br />
Interesting.&nbsp; Seems a waste to use a Craftsman ratchet though.&nbsp; You can often find a cheap, functional China tool at the dollar store<br />
for the some of you that DO&nbsp;NOT&nbsp;UNDERSTAND&nbsp;THIS.... this is meant to keep the book OPEN as in once its open, you cannot close it. hence you would be able to tell if someone was reading your books since it would be permanently open XD
&nbsp;shouldnt this be called the uncloseable book?
This is pretty cool!&nbsp; it would be perfect for determining whether or not someone has been messing with your files.&nbsp; if someone were to come along and open your book without your permission, you could instantly prove them guilty of the crime!<br />
interesting, very creative, a little lost on a use for it...<br />
I think this is a really cool project. As an idea to make this useful you could make one that a notebook can fit in. You just use the notebook as normal, but when you are done you can slide it in the frame then close it forever.<br />
What?? This is an awesome idea! What inspired this may I ask?
&nbsp;Thanks! I was taking a class about pop-up books, and the teachers goal for the class was in creating books that cannot be digitized, where the experience was central to the book itself as an object... so that got me thinking about books that took advantage of the reader's understanding of how books work.. and that led to this and my other instructable (the one with the book that lights on fire and burns up when you open it)
Could you just take out the switch before you weld it and then put it back in afterward to prevent any melting in the first place?<br />
not really :/ the part of the switch that melts is really difficult to remove, maybe impossible, I'm not sure. The diagram I made might make it look like all the pieces come out, but actually its just the turning handle part
&nbsp;I'm betting it's not a &quot;good&quot; ratchet. &nbsp;;)<br /> <br /> The dollar store here where I live has ratchets like this for a buck. &nbsp;Small price for a prank piece.<br /> <br /> I agree with other posters who've said it'd be nice to have a secret &quot;unlock&quot; mechanism for this thing.<br /> <br /> <br />
&nbsp;I think this is a romantic idea.&nbsp;<br /> It would be great as a gift to someone you're passionate about. :)<br /> Great and very cool instructable!&nbsp;
Just a nice bit of Genius to make us all wonder - and/or think of something that could be related or developed&nbsp; :)<br />
And as for the negative comments, and you know who you are,&nbsp;I'm new here, when I first got here a few weeks back I was highly impressed with the lack of negativity, unfortunately the more I read the comments the more disappointed I am, the &quot;be nice&quot; comment policy needs to be enforced or really what is the point in having the policy?
&nbsp;Devious. &nbsp;I love it. &nbsp;I know some people who could benefit from this.
corse if you riged it right you could re set the book<br />
My thoughts are with Ward_Nox. What would be cool is to have a open-once book - unless you know the secret of resetting it. Now, THAT&nbsp;would be worth five stars. As for this, it is a one shot deal and everyone knows that the fun of antagonizing people is being able to do it over and over again. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. (Too redundant?)&nbsp;<br />
This could be quite romantic... perhaps a wedding gift, where each partner would write down his/her deepest secrets, goals and whatever else comes to mind, and when the time comes, when they are old, or perhaps generations ahead, someone could eventually break it open, revealing the secrets within.<br /> <br /> Or, perhaps a couple could put in secrets that they would never tell each other, or the things they regret or their deepest wishes for the other person on two separate pages, but they would never be able to read each other's words, because it would be closed forever, with the secrets only a page apart... oooooooohhhh<br /> <br /> xD<br />
I would not be so quick to be negative about this project;<br /> I think it's great!<br /> <br /> It's not only achieved its objective (and well documented, thank you!)<br /> but very quickly I have thought of other applications for it that I would not<br /> have otherwise considered.<br /> <br /> For example, I have an idiot adult step-son and step-daughter who I know goes through my house.<br /> Fitting this device to the doors will give us all proof that even he and she cannot worm their way out of with their soft mother.<br /> <br /> This is a class 'ible - thank you for posting it here! &nbsp;<br />
&nbsp;This book would definitely change the way I read. To think, what if I only got one shot at understanding a book?&nbsp;<br /> <br /> @petrev--I love the way you think! It's not a closed book, it's a book you can never close--brilliant!<br />
Un-Closeable Book !
i read &quot;antagonistic books&quot; and instantly thought of one of those spring-loaded boxing gloves coming out when you opened the cover.<br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
ha ha ha ! THAT would be cool !&nbsp; <br />
Epic awesome. For some reason this reminds of apocalyptic things like&nbsp; those radioactive soviet lighthouses.<br />
nice concept with the ratchet but i have an idea for a&nbsp; book that after closing it&nbsp; can <strong><em>NEVER&nbsp;</em></strong>be opened again 1. open book releaing hidden button 2 close book pressing hidden button 3 button after being pressed agin when book was clsed sets off 5 second timing circuit 4 timing circuit after completing time sets small incindiary&nbsp; device&nbsp; igniting hidden propellent (ie gasoline,lighter fluid)&nbsp;or c4 hiden inised front cover.
can it really never open or theres a way to open it?<br />
&nbsp;wow, thanks everyone!!

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