ANTAGONISTIC BOOKS: Curiosity - How To make a book that can only be opened once

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This is an instructable on how to make the second book in my Antagonistic Books set (the one that can only be opened once). This one is pretty easy (although it requires basic knowledge of welding). Besides that, theres only one hiccup that can happen, and I'll cover that.
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Step 1: Materials

You'll need:

Two metal plates cut to the same size.
A Bi-Directional Ratchet
A place to weld
Pages to put inside your book
Rubber Cement
(potentially you may also need a wrench and a needle or awl)

Step 2: Cut down the metal

Picture of Cut down the metal
Sorry I don't have a lot of photos for this intractable. What you want to do here is cut down the front cover of your book so that there is space for the rachet to fit comfortably above it.

Optionally, if you want to make a more secure book, you may want to have a second ratchet on the bottom side of your book, if so, obviously you will have to cut down your front cover even more

Step 3: Weld the metal to the ratchet

Picture of Weld the metal to the ratchet
 This is all pretty self explanatory, but basically you will want to weld the ratchet body to your back cover, and then weld your front cover to the tool attachment point on your ratchet.
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paulzef5 years ago
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 Things of this nature generally fall in to the category of Art.
Not everything on instructables is useful.  Sometimes they're supposed to make you think, guys.  Seriously, some people just don't get it.
 aka: Art.
 For sure.  Btw, I was agreeing with you.
 Oh yeah, I know. It's just this thing where I like to have the last word. See, I did it again... maybe
Immature juvenile tenancies make me laugh!
I win now.
 Yup, you win.
nope i do
You didn't even say anything. Well, neither did i, i just laughed.
yeah, i did, i said i win now. that made me win.
 And I agree completely, you win.
i am glad that you agree that i win

Stop bloody comenting -.- I get emailed every single time you guys reply to my post. MAKE YOUR OWN BLOODY POST AND BUILD ON THAT!

And fine, The books genius. I shall convert every single book in my house to be the same. NOW STOP BLOODY REPLYING!
 Okay, you win.
Merry Christmas!
I'm gonna be annoying please stop commenting. Every time you do we all get a billion new emails.
No you don't get one billion e-mails you get one. That doesn't mean they aren't annoying though
lets keep commenting!
here we go!
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i like to think that everone who has been a part of this post gets an email every time we do this
that is why it is so fun >:)
Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late. What'd I miss?
this isn't even your post
It's useful as a prank, silly!
pdub77 paulzef5 years ago
The title says it all, P: 'Antagonistic Books.'  This is not meant for intellectuals such as yourself to peruse when boredom lurks.  It is meant as a prank or practical joke.  Then again, maybe it is meant for you.

Either way, let's be nice to others, now, shall we?  It was thought enough of by staff to be in the newsletter.  And the author is at least putting some material out there and contributing.  Just a couple of things to keep in mind.

Take care.

paulzef pdub775 years ago
Very true. I'd rather a book that when you read all the way to the end and close it, it explodes into flames. That would be a funny book. Plus it would be a book that can only be READ once.
pdub77 paulzef5 years ago
Sounds fun!
it would also be the last book you would read
Thats the purpose of you leaving a message on the second last page saying "This book will self destruct iwithin 3 seconds of turning this page"
 Because you can! Kinda like climbing a mountain.
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