The very first time i think at what a robot does.

that use a water rocket to be an anti missile blocking and raining the earth.

and there is another anti missile robot on boarded the flying water rocket

controlling water rocket(part_3) too !

and ...

the water rockets will not fighting each other because of the rockets

don't burn any fuel and they don't emitting light !

Step 1: Material

it's every part and elements

Step 2: Prototype With UNO

connecting the heart of robot to it's every part

Step 3: Prototype of Launcher Gear Driving by 2003 With UNO

Step 4: Auto Turnning Platform With CD

use an old (wasted) CD, a paper clipper, a washer, a hand drill.
and the PCB read the signal for next move.

Step 5: Connecting Sensors

the platform read POS_v (+5 == LDR == 10K == GND ) from 10K OHM

and read POS_h (+5 == LDR == 10K == GND ) from 10K OHM

so that 10K connecting to UNO PIN A2,A3

Step 6: Connecting the 1602 Displayer(may Remove Aswell)

Step 7: Testting the Robot

the water rocket launcher robot with UNO.
the water rocket controlling robot with mini.

Step 8: Coding

the most complex part it's here !

there are three state(s) and 2 speed(s) :

1)Target is right side upon luncher ==> do the turnning forward with slow.

1')Target is right side upon and near luncher ==> do the turnning forward with fast.then delay 20ms.

2)Target is left side upon luncher ==> do the turnning reverse with slow.

2')Target is left side upon and near luncher ==> do the turnning reverse with fast. then delay 20ms.

3)Target is just right upon luncher ==> do the turnning nothing with delay 0.5 secound.

if there is reading POS_v and POS_h different then do the turning routine else delay 50ms.

4) POS_v > POS_h +3 do the forward routine.

5) POS_h > POS_v +3 do the reverse routine.

else STOP.: shut the stepper motor down and then delay 0.5second.

beside these read the sensors and delays.

<p>Is that all of the code ?</p>
<p>by the way, the truth is i didn't write down any code about the solar!!</p><p>the truth is that is an idea of bias of the sun, to auto correct the sensor</p><p>from the interference of the sun.</p>
<p>Yes, and the code here is the same one in part 2.</p>
<p>Neat idea, thanks for sharing how you made this!</p>
Thank you for watching, and thank you too !<br><br>it's my first ROBOT. :-)

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