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The very first time i think at what a robot does.that use a water rocket to be an ANTI MISSILE ROBOT......

the water rocket that carry an arduino-mini, when after auto tracking to the target and

auto de-attaching from rockets in order to avoid himself be destroyed !

and ~

the water rockets will not fighting each other because of the rockets
don't burn any fuel and they don't emitting light !

maybe there is someone wondering about the man who launching the rocket(part_4 : the tower) too !

Step 1: Material

Picture of Material

Step 2: Testing Activity Wings (in Prototype With Mini)

Picture of Testing Activity Wings (in Prototype With Mini)

soldering the control circuit for controlling the loose coupling motor.

i use a 2003 to integrate the H bridge circuit as an inverting circuit

, OR circuit in order to do --

1)STOP : power OFF.

2)FORWARD : power ON, forward ON,relay 1 OFF(reverse OFF).

3)REVERSE : power ON, reverse ON, relay 1 ON(reverse ON).

and then test the loose coupling motor gear again.

Step 3: Flight Testing and Wind Hole

Since i don't have any wind hole, so i use water for testing with fan.

Step 4: Coding

it's the same program with the launcher's program.


KISELIN (author)2016-08-06

The first time I read this I had to re-read it twice. Your description is SO wonderful, (humor). What about a anti-antirobot :) You really catch the meaning with "instuctables" Just love this...

David_Lin (author)KISELIN2016-08-06

the very first i think about the a "robot" does.

it'is a thing that do the man can't do, and

a thing that could protect all the people !

that what the anti-missile robot named means!

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