Introduction: AP-320 Knex Gun

Picture of AP-320 Knex Gun

this is my first guide where ill show u hot to build the AP-320 knex based gun the photos may be a bit blurey but u can still figure out what pices you need

1.) side view
2.) front view
3.) other side view focousin on the trigger
4.) other side wiew

Step 1: Pull Pin

Picture of Pull Pin

this is an important yet simple step the firing pin

1.) pin (uncoked)
2.) pin (coked)
3.) pin (coked above shot)

Step 2: Back Handle

Picture of Back Handle

used to absorb some shoch from the pin and for better aim
easy to make but ill show u how to anyway

1.) side view
2.) back view

Step 3: Firein Pin + Accuarcy Enhancer (kindda)

Picture of Firein Pin + Accuarcy Enhancer (kindda)

easy to make
u see there r 2 yellow connecters
the one with the white rods is the enhancer it keeps the pin straight
the othher one is the pin handle

Step 4: E-Z Grip Handle (front Handle)

Picture of E-Z Grip Handle (front Handle)

one of the best handles out there in the world on knex gun handles
not that it is not my design but everything else is
this is a trickey step

1.) make 4 of these
2.) using those 4 pices put them together to get this

Step 5: Part of Chamber

Picture of Part of Chamber

this part is another important without it u cant use the trigger :(

1.)make this

Step 6: Trigger System

Picture of Trigger System

yay!!!!!!! you made it to my favourite part where u get to make the trigger!!!!!!!!!

1.) make this

Step 7: Back of Chamber

Picture of Back of Chamber

easy part here remember to use those orange conectors with the 2 clips so the E-Z grip handle dosent fall off when u cock it

1.) make this
2.) other view
3.) other view

Step 8: Front Chamber

Picture of Front Chamber

trickey here but yay!!!!!!!!!!! its the last step if u need help assembling go to the intro and take a look be sure to take a picture of what u made when ur done and post it in the comments or of what u made from mine

1.) build
all other pics are other view

ur done........................................... or r u?

are you?


DJ Radio (author)2009-09-28

Please don't post these simple guns. They ruin our rep as knexers.

knexman15423 (author)DJ Radio2009-10-01

this was my first one i made i have better ones

juneapaluna (author)2009-09-30

Spell check might be a good idea?

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