Introduction: AP2 Slide Pistol Upgrade From "simple K'nex Pistols"

Picture of AP2 Slide Pistol Upgrade From "simple K'nex Pistols"

This istructable is to show how to upgrade the previously posted "simple k'nex pistol" to an AP2 slide-locked pistol. (still single shot).

Differences: obviously, instead of pulling back the firing pin, when you slide back the pistol slide, it slides back the firing pin, then locks it it with the new lighter trigger design. Also, the grip has been strengthened dramatically, and improved sights have been added. This version can also support heavier elastics for an exponentially stronger shot and hyper-accurate range with small-medium projectiles (green, white and blue rods-best with white)

Again, the tension on the connector on the firing pin is too much, so superglue or tape the crap outta it so itll stay on.

Step 1: Base Deconstruction: Deconstruction of the Pistol and Frame

Picture of Base Deconstruction: Deconstruction of the Pistol and Frame

This one's easy. first, remove all the elastics, then the trigger. You will later alter this and the slot in which the connector blocks the barrel for a smoother, more hair-pin style trigger.

Step 2: Remove Grip and Frame From Upper Barrel Components

Picture of Remove Grip and Frame From Upper Barrel Components

Easily detach the upper reciever (barrel assembley) from the frame.

Step 3: Remove the Grip From the Frame

Picture of Remove the Grip From the Frame

Detatch the grip from the frame, it will later be reinforced.

Step 4: Deconstruct the Top Part of the Reciever

Picture of Deconstruct the Top Part of the Reciever

Detatch the upper part of the reciever/barrel assembley, so it looks like the pic below. discard the parts you removed.

Step 5: Begin Alterations: the Trigger

Picture of Begin Alterations: the Trigger

Simply modify the trigger so the white rod that supports the orange connector to the second postition (45 degrees) on the red connectors.

Step 6: Modify the Frame

Picture of Modify the Frame

This one is simple. just flip the tan connectors on the white rods the other way around, then add the three yellow rods to the upper frame.

Step 7: Modify the Grip

Picture of Modify the Grip

Move the small black connectors with the ball on top to the two yellow rods directly behind where they used to be. Then remove two of the five existing red connectors, and make the rod, spacer, and hinged connector component. it will come into play later.

Step 8: Modify the Lower Reciever/barrel Component

Picture of Modify the Lower Reciever/barrel Component

This is slightly more complex. detach the long gray rods at the front of the barrel. remove all three of the white connectors, and add in three yellow connectors in their place. Where the single gray spacer was, add in another single blue spacer. This will allow more room for the improved trigger to funtion, making it a smoother and lighter pull.

Also, it is critical that you add the green rods exactly where they are shown, as to not impare the structural strength of the gun.

Step 9: Build the Slide

Picture of Build the Slide

Now, just build exactly what you see in the bottom pic. If you want, to improve the sights, replace the back gray connector to a black connector that is used to hold the elastics onto the firing pin. It allows for a ball-and-cup type sight for easier target aquisition.

Step 10: Modify the Firing Pin

Picture of Modify the Firing Pin

Below is a side by side comparison of the old and new firing pins. the new one has the two gray rods to slide into both the bottom of the slide, and the barrel.

Step 11: Begin Assembley: Frame and Trigger

Picture of Begin Assembley: Frame and Trigger

Snap in the yellow rod for the trigger to the 90 degree slot on the yellow connectors.

Step 12: Attach the Frame and Grip Together, Then to the Barrel

Picture of Attach the Frame and Grip Together, Then to the Barrel

Sorry I didnt take a more detailed pic, but attach the grip first so the 45 degree rod on the yellow connector with 2 gray connectors, then again, to the bottom of the frame as you did with the last pistol.

Attach the frame to the pistol also like you did the last one, making sure to attach both of the hinged connectors to the corresponding green rods protruding from the bottom of the barrel/reciever.

Step 13: Attach the Slide

Picture of Attach the Slide

Using the two long gray rods that were slid through the gray connectors at the bottom of the barrel, attach them to the top of the barrel/reciever. Attach them to the corresponding snap locations on the three yellow connectors.

By the way, the two small black connectors on the back of the sliding rods are to guide the firing pin elastics to keep them from pulling down on the firing pin when loading.

Step 14: Slide in the New Firing Pin

Picture of Slide in the New Firing Pin

slide in the new firing pin, black connector down into the top and bottom chambers of the back of the pistol. You have to have the trigger in the depressed position to slide it all the way through if you have assembled everything perfectly.

Step 15: Attach the Elastics

Picture of Attach the Elastics

Attach all three elastics for: the trigger, the slide, and the firing pin. Anchor them all to the locations specified in the bottom pics.

Step 16: You're Done!

Picture of You're Done!

for now, this is the most up-to-date version of the knex pistol. If you have finished it correctly, you have successfuly upgraded your simple knex pistol to the AP2.

Now, go and shoot stuff.

Step 17: Loading

If you cant figure it out, let me help you. Slide back the slide ALL THE WAY until the back two gray connectors of the slide hit the small black connectors on the slide rods that redirect the firing pin elastics. To make it easier, hold down the trigger so the pin can move all the way back without making it more difficult.

then, load a white rod into the muzzle, aim with the sights, and witnes the very surprising accuracy that comes with your upgrade to an AP2 pistol.

Step 18: Custom Upgrades: AP2 Mk.2

Picture of Custom Upgrades: AP2 Mk.2

Here, I just modified the rear sights, shortened the thumb guard (back) and the rear of the slide.


captianchase (author)2007-06-06

dont put the black piece, i tried a it failed terribly, i went like 8 ft

mmzdaniel (author)captianchase2007-06-07

how much RBGs you used?

HK.RBG.armorer (author)mmzdaniel2007-06-08

if you guys like rbg's, go to my forum topic: "high quality rbg's"- you might find something to your liking there.

mmzdaniel (author)HK.RBG.armorer2007-06-09

i saw them, they look cool but im not allowed to have weapons or replicas...

HK.RBG.armorer (author)mmzdaniel2007-06-10

what do you mean you're not allowed to have weapons or replicas?

mmzdaniel (author)HK.RBG.armorer2007-06-11

i mean im just 13 and my parents wont let me buy any weapons like arisoft guns OR replicas/RBG's like you make... what are the RBGs made of?

HK.RBG.armorer (author)mmzdaniel2007-06-11

My guns are made of pine, a cheap soft wood that is strong for what I make it for.

mmzdaniel (author)HK.RBG.armorer2007-06-12

is it durable? if i drop a gun from 2 meters high will it break?

HK.RBG.armorer (author)mmzdaniel2007-06-12

hell no

mmzdaniel (author)HK.RBG.armorer2007-06-12

hell no durable or hell no it will be fine after i drop it?

HK.RBG.armorer (author)mmzdaniel2007-06-15

Oh, sorry. Hell no, it won't break from 2 meters. It's strong if it's one solid peice especially, but why would you drop it from two meters anyhow?

mmzdaniel (author)HK.RBG.armorer2007-06-16

if i had one i wouldn't drop it at all but thats just to know if its sturdy enough...

hey mmzdaniel just build knex guns without your parents knowing. i keep mine in a safe compartment near my desk in a secret drawer. and since its the summer, my parents are usually busy working or somewhere else, allowing me to play with them with no fear!!!

i am allowed to have knex guns but not airsofts or replicas of guns.... and the problem is, my mom wants everything in my room clean and organized, so she cleans it her self. i cant hide stuff like that!

why dont you get an airsoft or bb gun and build a knex frame so it looks like a knex gun? that way you could fool your mom and your friends (they'll think you'll shoot a harmless knex piece at them then BANG!!! you shoot them at close range and then they go WTF???) also, do you have a cupboard or drawer NOT in your room that is yours? you could hide it there. or wrapped in clothes.

thats a great idea! and yes i know where to hide, i got a good place. the only prob is, they dont sell airsofts near my neighborhood, and i need to get a car. (and license) lol... so i cant do that. but my grandfather might give me an airsoft....

buy it online or get one of your older friends to get it for you. or just smuggle it. you could also buy it on ebay, and since its the summer, you would could check the mail every morning so your parents dont see it.

my parents would be P***** if i bought a rifle without checking with them first.

i dont have my own credit card, and my friends buy their airsofts in places that are to far to go on foot.... or bike.... and how do you think i could smuggle them lol?

you could try googling a random credit card number, but you might be arrested. howabout when you go on a trip or something, you could try sneaking in a purchase without your parents knowing. by the way, how old are you? like seriously, so i know your physical capability of sneaking in things or what not.

I'm 13 :P.... anyways, i don't need to google, like i said b4, I'm a hacker and if i wanted to get a number i would do it. I'm just afraid to get arrested, in where i live there are even 10 year-old hackers, and when they are old enough they get what they deserved.... about the sneaking, i hate trips cause i get sick in cars (unless i drive lol) and when i DO go on a trip, its to the mall or something, not to the streets in where they sell air softs (they wont sell something illegal in the mall would they?)

HK.RBG.armorer (author)mmzdaniel2007-06-26

Take a guess dude... its the mall, and if u wanted an airsoft gun, just go to canadian tire and goad someone into buying it for you, hell get some random guy in the store to pick it up for you, then pay him extra-say your parents would do it for you, but they were pulled outta town for family buisness (someone's dying or somethin)- you can get pretty good low-quality airsoft guns at canadian tire- i got a walther p22 there- it shoots about 100' with no drop off, and it has a clip to boot. this way, its legal, so no cops, just a guilty concience for lying to the shopper.

 lol u british or canadian? cause im only 13 and I can walk into any airsoft store and buy one.

mmzdaniel (author)HK.RBG.armorer2007-06-27

in where i live its illegal to have airsofts like i mentioned above...

you can just make your own gun

all you need is a spring or elastic band, a barrel like drilled wood or even rolled up paper and something to block the barrel

but making knex guns is way more...................... FUN

i got a large spring, 600 RBG's, but no barrel, no raw materials for a barrel, paper is too weak, and a trigger is a piece of cake-if i had raw materials... i have no idea where to get a chunk of wood lol...

a tree branch

i need a square chunk of good wood... ill need to cut the middle of a tree lol... i cant do that!

no you dont you can use a round branch

technically, these guns are not illegal because they are not 'real' firearms. and like HK.RBG.armorer said, you can purchase them at canadian tire. guilt can be disposed of by having fun. (results may vary) and for bullets, a cheap, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly substitute would be popcorn kernels. they are roughly the same size and hurt just as much. unfortunately, some may explode in the barrel due to extreme forces pushing against it. however, i have not had any problems with it.

im not from America, and not from Europe. i live in Israel and here it is illegal to have airsoft guns... about the bullets my friend can get me 9000 for 1$ but the gun itself is the problem....

hmm.... and WOW! 9000 for $1??? that is a crazy deal!!! anyways... i am not sure about the gun now that i know you live in israel... i will think about it...

at the mean time..

check out my new knex gun with a NEW STYLE BARREL!!!!

The gun looks cool! how far can it shoot?

oh, and i forgot. i think we should bring our conversation somewhere else because i think it is taking up too much space, and i think we are going to run out of space to move right (i mean how someone replies and the reply moves right)

right, where can we talk then? orangeboard?

mine? if it is, leave a reply on it. and with two regular newspaper rubber bands, it shoots AT LEAST 20 feet. (for me anyways)

you can use a personal cheque if you have a bank account

An Villain (author)mmzdaniel2010-04-01

a BB gun would be better because you could convince them of the historical aspect, as well as they actually look like a persons image of rifle (evenly stained walnut stock, with no scope, and blued bolt action barrel.) also, they are a lot more fun then an airsoft gun. or it would be a longshot, but you might be able to convince them to buy (or you could by yourself which i would prefer) a .22 rimfire, those are really cool, and just a bit more expensive than a good air rifle, which is what you want (tupperware stock=no good.)

joshualater (author)mmzdaniel2010-02-25

 why? i'm 13 and i have an armoury full of them, and my mom is ok with them, and so is my dad. (P.S. I also own and operate lethal weapons, They know about those too.)

An Villain (author)joshualater2010-04-01

my crossbow is like that.

joshualater (author)mmzdaniel2010-02-25

 Are youz british or canadian cause in america just bout anyone can get one.

An Villain (author)2010-04-01

i think you should call this the jacked up pistol, not being rude (i find the term to be very funny) but because unlike the nice, orderly designs that you find on ironmans slide pistol or on the NB-4 you get designs that just seem goofy, but are functional, and oddly comfortable.

joshualater (author)2010-02-25

 what are the gray and brown connectors toward the right?

yerjoking (author)2008-05-15

I so wanna make these! But i cant cuz i'm still a nub to knex and i barely have any pieces. =/

knexguy (author)yerjoking2009-03-22

I reckon I can fit a mag on these! Would need a whole new type of decapitated greys though...

yerjoking (author)knexguy2009-03-22

:P I don't think these need mags. Shells maybe, lol.

HK.RBG.armorer (author)2007-07-17


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