APDuinOS (Flashing) -- arduino IoT (internet of things) -- aquaponic application

Picture of APDuinOS (Flashing) -- arduino IoT (internet of things) -- aquaponic application
If you are reading this Instructable you are here for one of two reasons.

Is because you know nothing about APDuinOS and interested in what it is and how it relates IoT (Internet of Things).  You can learn more about APDuino by going to http://www.apduino.org  or http://www.apduino.com for more detailed information regarding this product. In general it is a IoT developed application for aquaponics and hydroponics systems.  It has functionality as a environmental monitoring software as well.  It will also allow you to control and interact with your physical world using sensor inputs to trigger actions through an Arduino™ and/or Raspberry Pi®

This reason is why I have written this Instructable.  It is because I am a non-technical person that wants to test and play with this concept of controlling my aquaponic units without having to be a software or firmware engineer to be effective in control of them.  This direction should allow for getting the systems I build on to the internet and control them with minimum effort, but have total control of any number of sensors and what they interact with and allow for data collection and display .

I still do not fully understand all that is going on with this application, but at least writing this instructable and being able to refer back to it as a guide will help me to duplicate this process as many times as I need to in the future.

midnightcow4 months ago

Hi, rik.

It's so cool instructables.

I'm intrested in your instructable. I'm a Wiznet engineer. WIZnet provides the W5100 Ethernet chip to Arduino Ethernet shield. Can I introduce your instructable on my blog & WIZnet museum(http://wiznetmuseum.com/)?

Thank you in advance!!!

jml20091 year ago
It seem I can only download the file: apduino-node.hex. All the apduino-headless seem to be ''not available to download'' . What should I try? By the way, very nice instructable:P
rik (author)  jml20091 year ago
@jml2009 -- with the last update the file changed. apduino-headless is no longer being used. the new version gives much more features and cleans up some outstanding issues that needed to be addressed. Check apduino.org for full details.