Introduction: APRIL FOOL'S DAY!

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ever need a quick prank that you can admire from a distance? This is perfect. PLEASE VOTE oh there's cap locks......

Step 1: The Image^

The image should give you an idea of what you need: ICY HOT!

Step 2: Scout

Look for a bathroom........... be stealthy, and yes that is the disturbia poster(love that movie!)

Step 3: By Now You May Have Figured Out .......

By now you may have figured out what you're about to do.
Wear latex/vinyl gloves(you don't want to be the victim) and scoop some icy hot out. Spread thinly on the toilet seat. Don't use to much or you may tip off your target(s) that there may be something on the seat.

Step 4: Now Sit Back...........

Grab a magazine, station yourself near the bathroom(not right next to it) and watch soon people will be acting strangely most people react differently so you guys get to observe. sorry no pic.UPDATE HERE'S the pic that jakee117 wanted it's not a person that i did prank, but this is how they look sometimes(mind you they wear clothing and you can't use your x ray glases on them;)



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    your balls literally burst into flames. Icy hot is made from napalm and razor blades, and cherry icees you get from the gas station.

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    Goodness, gracious! GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!! I love Top Gun. I couldn't resist.

    @vandal1138 who the hell puts their balls on the toilet seat?! haha

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    hwen they are trying to acheive great results if you know what I mean

    Ive done this at work. at wal mart, at the movie theatre, never gets old luckily theres no permenant damage

    just about... I think XD I'm trying to make another prank-ible but instructables won't let me publish it "please enter a topic" I type Rick or Treat? enter... "please enter topic" XD

    rick or treat? a rickroll-doorbell?

     Yes, I agree...

    Kinda odd, though...

    That's pretty good!
    One of my all time favorite pranks is a  compound I learned about last year.

    It's like a paste, and safe enough like that, but extreamly unstable once it dires, the smallest bump will cause it to decompose a realease a small puff of smoke and a LOUD bang. Fun to put on door knobs.   >:-)

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    Shhhhh... That's it.

    Just don't tell any one how to make it, if you know how.

    No, I just don't want to be the person sitting on it. Great idea!