AQUARAMA RIVA 1:10 Scale RC Boat





Introduction: AQUARAMA RIVA 1:10 Scale RC Boat

Here are some photos of the Aquarama Riva scale model RC boat I have been working on. I got the plans from The plans were free but a little unclear as how to assemble the interior of the boat. So I am trying figure the puzzle out at the moment. I built it from scratch and have run into a road block of sorts...    I have been scouring the internet looking for a way to get the parts that are tough to create from scratch such as the seats,  decals, windscreen and the brass that make the boat pop. I know I have asked this before but it's worth a shot...   Does any body out there know where I might be able to locate these items or am I just chasing my tail in circles?



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Hi riva plans from shows cockpit detail

amati make a kit they call Italian runabout you can buy all metal fitting and seats

hope this helps Iam building from same plans and i have purchased fittings from


Dear Angrierbeaver,

Do you still have the plans??

RC Boat is best choice in all other toys.It is really a good attempt .carry on your work and completed it before summer season.After completing this model please upload some more pictures of RC Boat.

Thanks for your comment! I will be sure to put up photos of the completed boat on the water!

Try Model Expo for the brass fittings, they have tons of boat fittings.
For the windshield, you could try smashmolding heated clear plastic, or if you have access to a vacuum former (or you could make one it's not that difficult) you could vacuum-form one. You could make up seats in a similar fashion.
For decals, you can buy decal paper that you can print with an inkjet printer. I think Testors sells a kit complete with software. Check Micro-Mark.

Thanks so much for your input, I will give it a go and see what happens.

I did a quick search .. is this what you are looking for?

Apparently I was not looking in the right place! I visited the site and it is temporarily down. But it does look promising. Thank you much man!