Picture of AR-4 v3
AR-4 v3 033.JPG
Knex guns 041.JPG
Knex guns 040.JPG
Warning: This is not a toy.
AR-4 v3 mods
How to make the best gun in the universe even better.  (More mods FYI)

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Step 1: Stock

Picture of stock
AR-4 v3 001.JPG
AR-4 v3 002.JPG
This is the stock. Should be easy if you pay attention to image notes

1- New modded stock.
2. Build 2 of the frame, and note the blue rods and orange connectors.
3. the butt.

Step 2: Handle

Picture of Handle
AR-4 v3 004.JPG
AR-4 v3 005.JPG
AR-4 v3 006.JPG
AR-4 v3 007.JPG
mods 004.JPG
This is the handle with optional safety.

1. Overview
2. True Trigger
3. Front view of the handle.
4. handle guard.
5. connect handle to stock.
6- view of modded trigger.

Step 3: Hopper, Chamber and Barrel

Picture of Hopper, Chamber and Barrel
AR-4 v3 011.JPG
AR-4 v3 009.JPG
AR-4 v3 010.JPG
AR-4 v3 012.JPG
mods 003.JPG
this is the Hopper, the chamber and the barrel.

WARNING: this part uses a ton of tan locks and blue caps.

1. overview.
2. Top view with hopper off
3. the part that goes behind the mag/chamber
4. make the Hopper
5. Connect to chamber.
6- new hopper.

Step 4: Fake barrel and the rest of the body.

This is the fake barrel and the body. Note the blue rods and orange connectors.

1. Overview
2. Top view.
3. Foregrip.
4. Connect the internals, part 1.
5. Connect the internals, part 2.
6- foregrip mod
7- lower body mod.

Step 5: Scope (optional)

Picture of Scope (optional)
AR-4 v3 019.JPG
AR-4 v3 021.JPG
AR-4 v3 020.JPG
mods 005.JPG
mods 006.JPG
This part is optional. It makes the guns look 10x better. Now Ive heard some people complain about it, so if you dont like it, dont build it.

1. the middle part.
2. the part which connects to the barrel (note the Y connectors)
3. Connection, part 1.
4. Coneection, part 2.
5- new connection mod
6- mod.

Step 6: Bipod (optional)

Picture of Bipod (optional)
AR-4 v3 023.JPG
AR-4 v3 024.JPG
this is a foldable bipod. It doesnt have to be built. On the modded version, I get rid of this.

1. The top part, where the bipod connects to the body.
2. the legs and feet. The white snowflake is what will make it fold up
3. Connect bipod to rest of gun.

Step 7: Final connections.

Picture of Final connections.
These are the final connections.

Step 8: The bolt and rubberbands.

This is the bolt.

1. overview
2. Looking under the bolt.
3. add firing pin (add tape) Remember the blue spacer
4. put bolt on the stock.
5. Add rubberbands to the body
6. Add rubberbands to trigger.
7. Safety on.

Step 9: Loading and firing.

If your gun does not work like in the video, you suck.

Note that this is an older version of the gun, the newer version has a 9 shot mag, no bipod, and more beef.

Promotional video made by Pitbull982 (updated version)


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jaberwaukee2 years ago
I don't get it. everyone except for me can make all of these freaking epic guns.=(
MiniBr1t4 years ago
hey Dj Radio check out my modded version of the AR-4 Commando v3
DJ Radio (author)  MiniBr1t4 years ago
When I first saw that I was instantly reminded of the needle rifle from Halo Reach.
~Meme~ DJ Radio3 years ago
DJ Radio (author)  ~Meme~3 years ago
Why aren't you using the associated face and living up to your name?
~Meme~ DJ Radio3 years ago
This comment was published the first day I joined instructables. It does llook like a needle rifle with the curved scope part. And I see someone plays halo too.
DJ Radio (author)  ~Meme~3 years ago
I haven't been playing as much due to xbox live running out, but I do edit Reach gameplays into montages for others.
~Meme~ DJ Radio3 years ago
I'm usually inactive on Halo Reach multi player due to the same reason as you. Do you play Halo Combat Evolved on PC? If so what's your username? Mines [SC]Troll.
DJ Radio (author)  ~Meme~2 years ago
Yes. My name on there is Fustercluck. I usually play custom edition with a friend who likes to make custom maps.
~Meme~ DJ Radio2 years ago
My friend likes custom maps too. I rarely play on custom servers. IDK why.
cool aye though
That looks amazing.
thankyou for feedback puddock
~KnexBuild~3 years ago
Should I build this, the ZKAR V2, or the FSSG?
This, the ZKAR V2 has a lot of problems, and the FSSG is just not that good.
DJ Radio (author)  ~Meme~2 years ago
The FSSG is a blatant ripoff of this gun lol
~Meme~ DJ Radio2 years ago
It looks ugly too...
Does the AR-4 v3 have a pin guide?
No. But on second thought I would recommend the Racker Rifle.
Have you built the Racker Rifle? Does it require any broken pieces?
Yes, but I don't think it does.
I would recommend the Siprani Rifle 3.0.
Cheezpaper4 years ago
For the whole gun, are some pieces supposed to curve in?
DJ Radio (author)  Cheezpaper4 years ago
Uhh no. The only parts that are supposed to curve are the bendy rods on the scope.
Oh... For the stock, the sides curved inwards due to the 3D connectors being a larger width than of the orange connectors and the blue rods.
DJ Radio (author)  Cheezpaper4 years ago
Wait what? I never used 3D connectors to bridge the 2 sides of my gun. I just used orange connectors and blue rods.
Umm.... yes you did...

But nevermind, I've given up and built Seleziona's Ghost 3.0.
DJ Radio (author)  Cheezpaper4 years ago
where? And shame, mine shoots better than his.
Yeah but the instructions are so confusing and the instructions are so vague.
Oh and you did it in the stock and the handle unless you didn't mirror the 3D connector on the other side.
The 3D ones arent mirrored, it is a normal piece with the green rod inside of it
DJ Radio (author)  Cheezpaper4 years ago
Sorry about that I was kind of in a rush.
eLeMeNtLtd.4 years ago
not a toy? My 5 year old bro shooted it xD
DJ Radio (author)  eLeMeNtLtd.4 years ago
Was a joke obviously.
MiniBr1t4 years ago
hey rabbitman here i built this gun before and it worked but something went wrong with the trigger it got jammed all the time but not to worry, i broke it lol!! no thats not the point i came back to this gun and saw it had mods so i am buildin it now with the orange connectors in the fake barrel, y not make it so it has orange connectors either side of the one u have now instead of the blue rings??
MiniBr1t4 years ago
on pic 4 is that 2 blue caps
Cheezpaper4 years ago
Whats a blue cap? Didja mean blue clip? -_-
DJ Radio (author)  Cheezpaper4 years ago
Blue cap and blue clip are the same thing, just as long as you aren't referring to a blue 3D connector.
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