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UPDATE! I have re-done the whole Instructable, it has been a while, so comment with any mistakes! I think I messed up with the location of the AR's. Comment if I did! Also, leave a picture of your modded NiteFinder! Thanks!

Hello, and welcome to my Nerf Nitefinder ARR mod.

Basically what you're going to be doing is eliminating the problem of the gun being really weak by taking out the AR's that Nerf puts in the restrict the amount of air flow, thus making it weaker. By removing them, obviously, you will get more range, and get fire and dart of off the barrel. The spindle restricted that as well.

Also, you might want to considered painting your gun. It makes it 'your own' and looks really really really cool. :). But if you're not sure, don't paint it. I learned that the hard way :(. (Broke my recon, a ton more complex than this gun.) I'll try to get pics of my painted gun soon.

Also, gluing the light 'straightener' or whatever you want to call it stops that annoying sound of moving it and keeps it dead center. Really helpful.

Without further ado, let's begin! ;)

Some people have had glued barrels, a lot actually, so Professor Do-It provided me with a link. Here is the 'ible.

Step 1: Materialz

Picture of Materialz

Here is the tool list for modifying your gun. Pretty much all of the things you would think that you need.

Screwdriver (w/ magnetic tip if possible, makes it easier to catch screws.)
Pair of pliers (long and thin, preferably.)

Now that you've gotten your materials, begin!

Step 2: Unscrewin' Time

Picture of Unscrewin' Time

First thing you need to do, of course, is to take out all the screws. Start with the handle and work your way up to the barrel. Put them in piles when your are done according to size. There should be 4 long ones and the rest are medium sized, I think.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to take out the screws on the bottom of the handle. get those batteries to, and don't forget to put them back in when you're done.

Now take out all of the springs on the gun, that can be removable, like the one of the trigger, the two top ones, and the others, if any. Separate those to.

TIP: If you can, try not to strip them. It is VERY hard to remove screws when they are stripped. Here is a list of things you can do if it does become stripped. Also, I don't think the list mentioned this, but try a rubber band, by placing it on the screw and twisting the screw out. The rubber band causes friction, making it somewhat easier to do.

Modding time!

Step 3: Mods and Dat

Picture of Mods and Dat

Take out the barrel on the gun and lay the rest aside. TIP: Put the barrel on a piece of paper or something, it will be greasy. :(. Then separate the top part from the rest of the gun. Remove the spring and pronged thing, you don't need those!

Get that top part and look down it, there should be a piece of some sort blocking your view. These are the air restrictions. Grrrr....everyone hates 'em. Now just bash it with a screwdriver to your heart's content! (or until it is fully removed. :). ) Now stick that bugger pack onto the barrel and BAM! You're done modding the barrel.

Step 4: Reconstructin' and DONE!

Picture of Reconstructin' and DONE!

Yay! Almost done with your awesome modified Nerf Nitefinder!

Not really a needed step, just add all the screws back like you find them. Make sure to be careful to not strip the screws.

Once finished adding those screws, (and don't forget those batteries!) you're DONE! Awesome. I hope you had fun and see ya later!

Please comment with any mistakes that I may have made or criticism : ).

; ) - Supitsgreg


agentmemez (author)2017-10-26

uhm, help? there's a large plastic cylinder housing the AR that I can't bash out with a screwdriver.

jehgehehwj (author)2013-09-17

I'd like to learn more nerf or airsoft gun mods possibly modding nerf bullets

- Jordz - (author)2009-09-08

my bloody barrel is either glued or melted together? do you have any tips on how to get it apart?

novakfor3 (author)- Jordz -2009-09-09

Sorry, what do you mean the barrel is melted or glued together? And what pieces are you trying to get apart?

- Jordz - (author)novakfor32009-09-09

im trying to get the barrel apart to get to the air flow restrictor. Im trying to open the the joint on the larger end of the barrel (closest to the plunger) and it looks like it has been glued together or fused somehow. Was yours like that?

candyrandy (author)- Jordz -2009-10-26

 I had the same problem! Really annoying! 

novakfor3 (author)candyrandy2009-10-26

That's weird. My barrel was not like that, or maybe it was a lot easier to take apart...sorry. I don't know what to do to help you guys.

travis_bickle (author)novakfor32010-01-05

 i had the same problem as well. all newer nite finders have the 3 pieces that make up the pressure chamber and barrel glued together. the white haze on the orange plastic suggests that it is super glue (cyanoacylate). i tried a commercial super glue debonder gel as well as an acetone based nail polish remover (acetone is the  active ingredient in super glue debonders) with no luck. they actually started to damage the plasic, and while twisting them in an attempt to pry them apart, they broke, and not at a glue joint either. that super glue is pretty strong stuff. so i removed the air restrictors (better phrase would be "safety valve" and "safety peg"- their function is actually to prevent anything other than a dart from being fired from the gun) and then used devcon plastic weld epoxy to glue it back together, made sure it was airtight, then wrapped electrical tape around the whole mess (mostly for cosmetic reasons). so that's how i did it, and it worked. so if you feel ballsy, just break the @#$?! thing :)

mpang (author)travis_bickle2012-05-12

you could do all of those suggestions, but i've found a much easier way to do it. run the barrel under hot water for a couple of minutes and then use a knife to remove the (expanded) glue and you should be able to take the 3 sections of the barrel apart

freeza36 (author)travis_bickle2011-11-05

I just took a long drill bit and drilled down the entire barrel. works like a charm

novakfor3 (author)travis_bickle2010-09-01


El Mano (author)travis_bickle2010-02-28

Mine were glued too. I manuvered a long pair of pliers into the open end of the barrel (where the plunger goes in) and pinched/twisted/chewed away at the little arms that keep the restrictor cover attached to the inside of the barrel. Then, I shoved a small screwdriver into the barrel and broke away the rest of the arms. The whole inside came out. When I was finished, I could look into the business-end of the barrel and see the screw in the middle of the punger cap. It only took about twenty minutes, and the gun works fine.

novakfor3 (author)- Jordz -2009-09-11

My bad, I misunderstood, the joint on the under end of the barrel wasn't fused together or glued for me, I just had to pop it out. I'll go back into my Nitefinder and see. Sorry...

aj619 (author)novakfor32009-12-18

Hello supitsgreg Thank You for your great instructable it helped me just mod mine and yes mine was glued together but i just unstuck the front bit of the barrel that has the air restrictor and then super glued it back together and it works better so you still can do this mod with it being glued together

novakfor3 (author)aj6192010-09-01

Cool. Thanks!

yeah me too. I cant get the top part to separate from the rest of the barrel

freeza36 (author)- Jordz -2011-11-05

It is actually pretty funny that nerf tries to stop modifications. People figure out ner ways to mod them every time an internal design changes.

Hugo4123 (author)- Jordz -2010-01-23

i think i can help you with that to get it apart get a small hacksaw and make a small but good incision where it's glued together then take a hammer and a small flat head screwdriver and open it up more by hammering the screwdriver into the incision until its loose enough that you can pull it off hope this helps

novakfor3 (author)Hugo41232010-09-01


I just sawed it with a hacksaw, took out the air restrictor, and aryldited it back together. not sure about the spelling...

tdudey123 (author)2011-04-26

If you want an easy way to open the glued barrel, first take any serrated kitchen knife, and scrape away at the farthest crease from the barrel, on all sides, for about 10-15 mins. Once you've cut through a bit of the super glue, boil a pot of water and hold the front part of the barrel (where the loading tube is) in the water for about 30 seconds. The glue should now be weak enough to open apart with your hands. WARNING: DO NOT PUT THE BARREL IN THE HOT WATER WITH THE SCREW PART FIRST.

THECHINABOY (author)2011-03-30

how much farther dose this make it go?

me1121 (author)2011-02-11

frickin awesome mod man :DDDDDDDDDDDD

lochie15 (author)2011-01-18

is it possible to remove the air restrictor without taking appart the gun, possibly simply by drilling/milling it out from the end of the barrel (where you load the dart) ??

slayer2312 (author)2010-04-09

For everyone who has looked into doing this to their Nightfinder and found that the internal barrel part is glued together i thought i should clarify this - it is possible to do everything explained in this instructable, however it is unbearably difficult to peform steps 3 and 4. it took me the best part of an hour working with a paint scraper and a stanley knife to break the superglue seal on the barrel (I chose to work on the gap that is farthest away from the end that holds the dart). once done i had to use a knife (I now realise i could have used a drill) to gouge a hole in the plastic and make it large enough to pull the spring, air restrictor and dart rod out with some pliers. So unless you are willing to put in the effort i wouldn't recommend attempting this on a glued barrel.

Thanks supitsgreg for the instructable :D

snyp3d (author)slayer23122011-01-17

It took me 2 mins to crack the barrel with a knife... Maybe i had really weak glue

novakfor3 (author)slayer23122010-08-15

Great for telling everyone your story! And your welcome ;)

wewantska (author)2010-03-19

my barrel is glued together any way to take it apart w/ out harmin the barrel?

xDoMiNaToR (author)wewantska2010-03-25

same here

novakfor3 (author)xDoMiNaToR2010-09-01

Did you try to remove the glue in any way possible?

wewantska (author)novakfor32011-01-13

i got it, finally just used a saw and flat head screw driver lol

novakfor3 (author)wewantska2010-09-01

Did you try to remove the glue in any way possible?

hellonfire30 (author)2010-12-14

thanks for the gide man. my nite finder was worn out and it barely launched the darts they just fell out, this worked perfectly and it goes way faster and farther then when it was new. Oh and my barrel was glued but a used a saw to wear it out then i just put some force on it and it came off

tonebank (author)2010-12-12

when i opened my nitefinder, i saw that the plunger tube was glued into the barrel, so , do you know what should i do?

dragondane (author)2010-11-12

i cant stuff my plunger bsck in properly

dragondane (author)2010-11-12

i dont know where this yellow thing with a spring on it goes plz help it fell out

adam117 (author)2010-03-01

 I shoved a scrw diver in and hit it with a hammer and i worked perfect

Shamwow13 (author)adam1172010-06-16

you shoved a screwdriver in wat

adam117 (author)Shamwow132010-06-22

in the middle of the barrel hit it with a hammer and it worked

novakfor3 (author)adam1172010-09-01


novakfor3 (author)adam1172010-08-15


novakfor3 (author)2010-09-01

UPDATE! I have re-done the whole Instructable, it has been a while, so comment with any mistakes! I think I messed up with the location of the AR's. Comment if I did! Also, leave a picture of your modded NiteFinder! Thanks@!

JustSpark (author)2010-04-05

I just kinda wrenched open my barrel after a while, i dont recommend it but it worked quite well!! 

novakfor3 (author)JustSpark2010-09-01

Last resort. :)

novakfor3 (author)2010-09-01


wewantska (author)2010-04-18

I  got it i hack sawed it a little then pulled apart eventually then when done i glued it back

novakfor3 (author)wewantska2010-09-01

Easiest way of doing things lately. :)

moocowdog (author)2010-04-23

sweet. im going to be getting the nite finder sooer or later

novakfor3 (author)moocowdog2010-09-01


novakfor3 (author)2010-09-01

Mine gets better performance....weird.

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