Hi everybody's... Here i show you how to simply programming custom character on 16x2 LCD display using arduino uno and android smartphone. You can display your own words simply.


Here I used to programme MCU atmega328P (which is on arduino uno board) "ArduinoDroid" by Anton Smirnov . this IDE you can download from Google playstore.Open IDE go to options select "sketches" select "libraries" select"liquid crystal" select examples,open "hello world.ino" save as to another name, because you can't edit original sketch. Open saved skech file then change program line "hellow world" to"your own name".go to option menu select actions compile, after compiling ready to upload arduino board.


I assembled this display using solderless breadboard . this project need
1,arduino uno
2 breadboard
3, jumper wire
4, 1k resistor
5, USB ,OTG cables
6,LCD 16X2 display


The circuit also described hello world programme. Connect header pin wires as shown in the image, this circuit didn't use separate power supply .power supply from the smart phone by OTG cable.


Edited sketch file after compilation upload to arduino ,Option menu select actions and upload or use short cut button .see photographs below..thanks...
<p>what about graphic display? to play videos. is it possible with arduino uno</p><p>?</p>
yes it's possible with arduino with TFT display
<p>can i use my old mobile phone display perhaps?</p>
yes if u can identify pins like clock TX,rx,data,led+,-.......take challenge
<p>Can I use different pin numbers to run the LCD program arduino library?</p>
Yes you can use another digital output pin..
<p>Wonderful story :)</p>
<p>is it a 4 bit lcd interfacing?</p>
Hi ritesh yes this LCD used 4bits only D4,D5,D6,D7.
<p>Thank you,I'm doing my project using arduino.In India I'm getting two types of arduino products one which is around 500rs and other which says it is orginal around 1500rs on different sites.So,I will be very thankful to you if you can suggest me which one is better.Since,you are also from India so I thought you might have also encountered the same problem.</p>
<p>i suggest arduino worth 1500INR</p>
can i program with moto g3
<p>hi if moto g3 support OTG (usb On The Go) cable then you can program thank u</p>

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