hey person reading this.

last week a friend of mine who is not so familiar with arduino and electronics needed a vu meter for his school project. he supplied me with an arduino and an lcd. the rest was up to me. i searched around the internet to find code for it without succes. many people show a vu meter but dont give any tips or code. so i started to write code myself. 

this code is not complete. it does doe strange things when you disconnec the audio jack. also when no ignal is found it gives full barrs(which i like)

what is complete is:
-nice looking edges
-signal smoothening
-loading screen(can be removed just for show)
-arduino shield-like connectins(just plug it on and ready)

1 thing i ask from you. i am a youtube partner. i dont get many vieuws but the money i get from it always goes to projects like this. if you just watch the video below and check out my channel for my other video's it would be of great help to me. 

thank you for reading this and enjoy the code.

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Step 1:

Picture of
first you need to connect the lcd screen. the pinout is like on the picture. the potentiometer is to adjust the contrast of the screen so you get nice clear image.

kidos1001 year ago

Not sure about you, but here's how I connect my LCD. Look on page 80.

sškvorc11 year ago
I would really like to do a VU-meter with 20 LED-s controlled by Arduino Duemilanove but I don't know how.Could you help me?
Use shift registers, with them u can make that vu meter how long u want. And u need only few pins.
siemenwauters (author)  sškvorc11 year ago
As far as i know a deumi has only 13 digital pins. So only if you work with and gates and a lot of them its not possible to connect 20 separate outputs to a deumi maby get yourself a mega? I think they have over 20 digital ports. The code for your project is verry easy to write. You just have to adapt standard vu code

Hope this helps year ago
THIS.............IS...............AWESOME! And it works on first try. Great job. I'm using 4 row display, thinking abou a spectum analyser done in the same way.
digital252 years ago
Hello Friend
I can only put your diagram where you can connect the dock are three connections, where the 2 cables going to arduino, I hope I could help you a picture as example the connection of lcd with arduino, but the final stereo audio connection which will ?

I await your response

traduccion en español

Hola Amigo
solo que pueda poner tu diagrama donde pueda conectar la base que son 3 conecciones, donde va las 2 cables al arduino, espero podia ayudar en un dibujo como lo tienes ejemplo la coneccion de lcd con arduino, pero el final de audio stereo donde va coneccion?

Espero su respuesta
pinhead19842 years ago
I'm having difficulties identifying where I could adjust the sensitivity for either channel. I find that it is still producing a reading when there is no sound being inputed from a device.
siemenwauters (author)  pinhead19842 years ago
that is indeed a problem i have as well. its becous of signal interference if you touch the jack it wil also start to move. i am just a beginning programmer so i did not know how to solve this. i hope you still enjoy the rest of the working code. maby someone else can solve this.