Picture of ASCII-Art
I'll show you how to do great ASCII-Art the very simple way. Sorry for my bad English - I'm German ;)

Step 1: Choose a picture

Picture of Choose a picture
Choose any image from the internet or from your desktop. It should have no background and not too much little parts. Comic-figures work best.
For this instructable, I'll choose Homer Simpson.
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asciiartclub2 months ago

That's a great tutorial! I wonder how many guys have taped tracing paper on their old CRT's just trying to do the same. If you're short on time, but like the idea of ascii art, try http://asciiart.club - it really doesn't get easier. -=cP

Vancouver Island Hiking Trail - ASCII art.png
Nekolove022 years ago
I Did An ASCII Art But I Made My Username :3
bobalbury2 years ago
Thank you. You made it clear and easy. Btw my sister in law lives in Herdurn
Machine2 years ago
Nice job! Homer is my favorite cartoon character too.

Thanks for showing us.
n linux:

$ jp2a -b --colors -i hs.jpg

Pictured is the html output version.

More info at: http://www.instructables.com/id/Graphics-in-a-text-world/
kouraf166 years ago
There is a better and easier way... http://www.allworldsoft.com/software/17-604-ascii-art-generator.htm this program works like candy! But of course it lacks the sweetness and rewarding from doing it manually :-/
text-image required no download and DOES NOT have limited features (unless your buy it for $30) BUT I must say, I do love the free draw feature :)
J Moneyman6 years ago
Wow! That works amazingly!
mmzdaniel8 years ago
this is really cool! but there are programs who do it for you and they will usually do it better.
can you temme some of those programs.....
rdsouza33 years ago
dis was very useful buddy!!!!thnXX
but can u tell me any software or any website dat can convert fb pics into ascii art so dat i can update it in my status!!!!!!
yoshi14 years ago
( \_/ )
(" - ")
(") (")
glugnar4 years ago
i couldn't fin out how to do it like ^^^^^^^^^ but i did it in color and without the picture overlay. Could you comment on how i did?

mario ascii art.jpgawesome face ASCII.jpgmickey.jpeg
kamibox.de (author)  glugnar4 years ago
Wow! Really great job!
Thank you :D It took like 1 hour for each of them and now im proud :D
Mplinnc5 years ago
Format graphics
lgarzon6 years ago
this does not work on a mac... i cant get microsoft
tagaiz lgarzon6 years ago
Yes you can get microsoft word.
j574sbi6 years ago
"Homer's Rapture in the Land of Chocolate"
can any1 show me how ta do this on microsoft word 2007? its not da same as w/e dat microsoft is
I've always wondered how they do that! 5/5 Bad English? Your English is a LOT better than some people here, believe me...
Yeah, especially some of the younger kids (even with English as a native language)
I just set the picture to show behind any text and it is a lot more simple.
QwertyuioLP7 years ago
I'm working on a game using this!
lib78 years ago
it won't let me click on text box what do i do? post back on my page thanksx
HBF8 years ago
Or, alternatively, you could use an ascii art generator
in English it says "Format picture" Additionally the textfluss tab is "Text Box" in english as well.
Ferrite8 years ago
That looks really cool. It would be fun to change the color of the font.
sona Ferrite8 years ago
Lets not get too realistic now it's still only ASCII. Just lik I am still only human.
Ora8 years ago
Eggman from The Sonic TV Show
Picture 2.png
Closet_RAt8 years ago
This is SO much easier than havin' to do this by hand just by lookin' at the pic, that's what I do when I make/modify a piece of ASCII art...
ongissim8 years ago
Good instructable! If you want an easier method of doing this, you can go to this website and it will automatically draw ASC-II art for you! I think your method is much better, though, because you can make your pictures to your own tastes.
this ones good cause u can do it 3 different ways html, ASCII and matrix(green Japanese characters) in the HTML setting u can pick what letters it uses and do black and white or color(you can do some neat stuff w this setting)
schorhr8 years ago
Yey, more germans :-) Nette Anleitung!
Jave is written in... Java (who would have guessed? ;-) ) and at least version 4 is suppose to work with Mac OS.


I have not tried more recent versions on a Mac since I use windows at the moment. Jave6 rocks my socks. It even has a 3D ASCII Render engine ;-)

thatkidej8 years ago
Nice method, but an even easier way is this! =]
yea unless your a mac user ):-< seriously if you know of a mac program that does this id apprisiate it *remembering evil overlord rule 20*
Here's a program for Mac.

A simple Google search pulled it up, first in the list..

DOH! didn't think to try a simple google serch
Hehe, it's cool dude. Enjoy =]
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