ASKUS (Amazing Sharir1701's K'nex Ultimate Safe)




Introduction: ASKUS (Amazing Sharir1701's K'nex Ultimate Safe)

About: I used to build K'nex guns. I'd like to think I've grown to be quite good at it, however, I've lost most of my interest in K'nex over my first couple of years in High School, but I do occasionally still come...

this is a k'nex safe i built a long time ago, but never bothered to upload. just before i took it down, i filmed it in action to show people my design, in hope someone will build it from the video and publish it.



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    I like the mech. But I think it could be more up to today's standards...

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    In eight days I'm gonna do the year thing and tell what I think about this...

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    the year thing...? i don't quite understand. this was posted a year ago, yes, but what exactly is "the year thing"? anyway, sure let me know whenever you're ready.

    It's when you post a comment on an old Instructable.

    oh... i see... why not just now then?

    Because it still has 7 days left until it is exactly a year.

    thank you, but as i said, i took the safe down right after making the vid, so obviously i didn't have it when i posted the 'ible, nor do i have it now. it's quite simple though. i'm sure you can figure it out simply fro the vid. it's taken in a good enough quality, and it is shown from many angles. you can definitely build it off the vid, since it's all hollow, and the mech is very simple and small. if you want, i can show you how the wheels are built. that's the only thing you might have trouble figuring out.

    why be mean? this is an awesome safe i built almost a year ago and it worked perfectly... if you don't like it just don't comment, or at least say what to improve.

    If someone says to post, usually that means they like it. I do.

    next time, make sure the message you're trying to pass on through your comments is understood.

    i appreciate you liking it, but i stated in the 'ible above that i took it down a long time ago, so i won't be posting it. check out my other projects though, and in a short time, one of my best creations yet - a pump-action removable mag sniper (yes, i'm not lying. it's extremely strong and accurate) - will be posted.

    i hate when people don't read or listen...
    i clearly stated many times throughout the video and in the comments that THIS SAFE IS NOT BUILT FOR STRENGTH OF THE BOX, BUT TO SHOW MY SAFE LOCKING MECHANISM !!!

    I know... The box wasn't the point of it to begin with. Thanks anyway !