The internet is littered with instructions on how to make a power supply out of a used ATX computer power supply. I was trying to think of a good way to make one portable to take between my work area in the shed, my work area in my computer room, and my work area at the office (which does not normally involve wiring electronics).   So I decided I needed a portable power supply, among other things. But I decided to have some fun with the project.

When I first saw people online modifying 1970s Star Wars toys my first instinct was Blasphemy! However, I came to realize there are many many older toys which have been played with, broken, torn apart, and dismantled and will never be collectibles. Modifying them into something usable and cool gives them a second life.  That’s my rationale anyway for why I started this project.

I took a vintage At-At from the early 1980s which was in poor shape. I then took an ATX power supply out of an older tower PC. I prepared both for the project.

Step 1: AT-AT

After cleaning the dirt and grime off it, I measured the inside and prepared a new door with slots for wire connectors (technically speaker wire connectors) and a USB drive. I used .60 Polystyrene for the door.  When I purchased the At-AT no door was included. After all measurements were done, I spray painted the vehicle a glossy black. I should have probably pained last, but was afraid of getting paint into some of the outside components intended to use.
Very cool
<p>Very nice! I was already planning to make an atx power supply and yours gives me a new perspective on the case (no pun intended...) It wil be Kings-day (formerly Queens-day) soon here in the Netherlands with big flea-markets everywhere and that's always D-day for scoring vintage stuff cheap like Starwars. Congrats with making it in the finals too by the way. Keep up the good work.</p>
<p> that is great.... thinking out side the box</p><p>what a cool project.. keep em coming. </p>
<p>My first thought was 'blasphemy' as well, until you said it was already in poor shape. Then it was ok :p</p>
<p>you should add a selector switch to the voltmeter that allows you to see the voltages of your different atx outputs.</p>
<p>Damn you jedi!! You got me going through my box of star wars vehicles looking for an AT-AT. LOL. I dont have one to sacrifice, but I have some ideas. (insert evil laugh)</p><p>Great idea and nice execution.</p>
<p>step ten is the best!!!!! lol. but seriously, i love this!</p>
I should make a DIY computer case and call it the AT-ATX
<p>Haha awesome! Did a double take and had to check it out, sweet project.</p>
What if you could make it walk and follow you around?
<p>Thought about it originally. I'm just not as skilled with servos yet. Plus I think they would have taken up space in between the legs or protruded out if placed on the outside. So, I stayed within my current skill level. My son was disappointed I couldn't make it walk. </p>
<p>Cool re-use. </p>

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