Introduction: AT-ATrinket - a Star Wars Trinket Box

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This project was born out of admiration for the Star Wars universe, and vehicles created for the movies. Imperial walkers are amazing machines, and the AT-AT the main example of this class of vehicles. The idea was to take advantage of the same design to create a trinket box produced in 3mm MDF, which once assembled has dimensions of 19.7in x 15.75in x 5.9in.

Este projeto nasceu da admiração pelo universo Star Wars, e pelos veículos criados para os filmes. Os andadores imperiais são maquinas incríveis, sendo o AT-AT o principal exemplar desta classe de veículos. A ideia foi aproveitar o desenho do mesmo para criar um porta-trecos produzido em MDF de 3mm, que depois de montado tem dimensões de 50cm x 40cm x 15cm .

The piece was drawn on the basis of the drawings available in wookieepedia (detail here), which have been simplified to suit the material and the expected functionality to the piece. One of the goals was to prevent creating something very static, so it was decided that the legs could have their adjusted position, allowing put the AT-AT in different positions, from 12 existing joints.

A peça foi desenhada tomando como base os desenhos disponíveis na wookieepedia ( detalhes aqui ) , que foram simplificados para se adequar ao material e a funcionalidade esperada para a peça. Uma das metas era evitar a criação de algo muito estático, por isso foi decidido que as pernas poderiam ter sua posição ajustada, permitindo colocar o AT-AT em diferentes posições, a partir de 12 articulações existente.

To build it, you will need:

  • MDF 3mm;
  • one router / laser cnc (this model was produced using a router and a bit 1.5mm) ;
  • 8 M3 8mm screws (diameter equivalent to 1/8) and nuts ;
  • 12 M3 12mm and nuts;
  • glue (cyanoacrylate or specific to wood) ;
  • acrylic paint, if you are inspired to paint.
Para construí-lo, você vai precisar de:
  • MDF 3mm
  • uma router / laser cnc (este modelo foi produzido usando uma router e bit 1.5mm)
  • 8 parafusos de M3 8mm (diâmetro equivalente a 1/8)
  • 12 parafusos M3 12mm
  • cola ( a base de Cianoacrilato ou específica para madeira )
  • tinta acrílica, se estiver inspirado para pintar.

Step 1: Cutting and Assembling ...

The AT-ATrinket can be divided into 4 parts: head, body, hip and paws. You can view each of these sets in the images. How are distinct parts, it is not difficult to separate them after cutting (it's necessary to cut two sets of legs, totaling 4 paws at the end). The DXF file contains all the necessary elements, and is separated into layers to facilitate the process of drilling, engraving and cutting, no matter what kind of equipment use.

O AT-ATrecos pode ser dividido em 4 partes: cabeça, corpo, quadril e patas. É possível ver cada um destes conjuntos nas imagens. Como são peças bem distintas, não é difícil separa-las depois do corte (é necessário cortar dois jogos de patas, totalizando 4 pernas no final). O arquivo DXF possui todos os elementos necessários, e está separado em camadas para facilitar o processo de furação, gravação e corte, não importa que tipo de equipamento utilize.

Some parts have the correct position to be glued / fixed, so check the fittings before finalizing assembly (use the pictures on next steps as a reference).

Algumas peças possuem posição correta para serem coladas / fixadas, então, verifique os encaixes antes de finalizar montagem (utilizem as fotos nos próximos passos como referência).

Two file versions are available, one in 2010 dxf and another in 2000 dxf. Both have the same content.

Estão disponíveis duas versões do arquivo, uma em dxf 2010 e outra em dxf 2000. Ambas possuem o mesmo conteúdo.

Step 2: .. Head and ...

Be careful at the time of assembly of the neck, despite the appearance, the parts are not symmetrical, and have the right position for attachment. The sloping side of the neck will stuck his head in the right side will be fixed to the body. There are small marks on the sides of the head that will help you to position the weapons (If you want them movable, use screw in the center of it as a pivot! NEIN user suggestion)

Tenha atenção na hora da montagem do pescoço, apesar da aparência, as peças não são simétricas, e possuem posição correta para fixação. O lado inclinado do pescoço vai colado a cabeça, o lado reto será fixado ao corpo. Existem pequenas marcas nas laterais da cabeça que irão lhe ajudar a posicionar as armas (Se desejar elas móveis, use parafuso no centro da mesma como pivô! sugestão do usuário NEIN)

Step 3: .. Body and ...

Again attention to parts of the gluing position. The internal partitions may be fixed with glue or just engaged. If the interest to have an continues area larger, they can be removed, but remember to remove the cut connections in the side pieces.

Mais uma vez atenção a posição de colagem das peças. As divisórias internas podem ser fixadas por cola ou só encaixadas. Se for do interesse ter uma área continua maior, elas podem ser suprimidas, mas lembre-se de remover o corte das conexões nas peças laterais.

Step 4: ... Hip and Paws.

Keep the recordings in the face legs out, they will give the effect of volumetry. The same goes for the hip. Photos are the best references for you to mount these parts.

Mantenha as gravações nas patas viradas para fora, elas darão o efeito de volumetria. O mesmo vale para o quadril. As fotos são as melhores referências para você montar estas peças.

When using screws to connect the different parts of the legs, and they to the hip, correctly check the dimensions used. The M3 8mm screws are used to attach the legs to the hips. The M3 12mm screws will be used for the rest of the connections.

Quando for utilizar os parafusos para conectar as diferentes partes das pernas, e elas ao quadril, verifique corretamente as dimensões utilizadas. Os parafusos M3 8mm serão utilizados para conectar as pernas ao quadril. Os parafusos M3 12mm serão utilizados para o resto das conexões.

Step 5: Connect All Now!

There are many points to err from this step. In most cases the engravings help identify the correct side for fixing, and be careful not cost anything :-). Pay attention to some points: the hip has a certain side to connect to the body, otherwise the detail that connects the two can not be glued; review the paws and make sure that the recordings were directed to the outside.

Não existem muitos pontos para errar a partir deste ponto. Na maior parte das vezes as gravações ajudam a identificar o lado correto para a fixação, e ser meticuloso não custa nada :-) . Preste atenção em alguns pontos: o quadril tem um lado certo para se conectar ao corpo, caso contrário o detalhe que conecta os dois não poderá ser colado; reveja as patas e tenha certeza que as gravações ficaram voltadas para a parte externa.

The AT-ATrinket has been tested with loads up to 5kg, but I believe that can support even a little more. Keep properly tightened screws is essential to maintain the integrity of the set.

O AT-ATreco foi testado com cargas de até 5kg, mas acredito que possa suportar até um pouco mais. Manter os parafusos bem apertados é essencial para manter a integridade do conjunto.

Step 6: Ending

The finished piece, is cut into a router or a laser, has her own beauty, however, that you have the skills to paint it, you can use acrylic or synthetic paint matte gray , to do basic painting AT-ATrinket and then use the dry brush technique for adding detail and highlight the depth of notches.

A peça finalizada, seja cortada em uma router ou em uma laser, já possui sua própria beleza, contudo, se você possui as habilidades para pinta-la, pode utilizar tinta acrílica ou sintética fosca na cor cinza, para fazer a pintura básica do AT-ATreco e então utilizar a técnica de pincel seco para adicionar detalhes e destacar a profundidade dos entalhes.

I hope you like the design, and forgive me the inevitable translation errors that can detect. If they liked the project, and want to help me to develop new ideas, visit the link on my profile.

Espero que gostem do projeto, e que me perdoem os inevitáveis erros de tradução que possam detectar. Se gostaram do projeto, e querem me ajudar a desenvolver novas idéias, visitem o link do meu perfil.


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coolcrafter101 (author)2016-12-14

Is this action figure size?

Erivelton (author)coolcrafter1012016-12-15

Hi coolcrafter101. I can not tell if it's on the scale of some commercial product, but as the CAD files are in the project, I believe that scaling the needs you might have would not be difficult. Have a nice day!

afmfa1 (author)2015-12-26

alone .. I want...

Erivelton (author)afmfa12016-01-06

Make athen!

AvantGarland made it! (author)2015-08-08

May the forks be with you! We had a geek themed party at our shop and this guy was the perfect silverware container. Thank you very much for providing the files. I'm so happy with how it turned out. It's the size of my cat!

It was a hit at the party and got lots of comments and photos. He now lives at the shop and will be a craft tool holder or display for local gifts when he's not holding our silverware at parties. He's destined for Instagram stardom!

Erivelton (author)AvantGarland2015-08-09

AvantGarland, I thank you the compliments. It really is quite large, my sits atop the piano in the dining room, along with a customized Republic Star Destroyer :-). I visited your site, you have beautiful designs, my wife found some nice pieces! Congratulations.

NEIN made it! (author)2015-07-18

Thanks Erivelton! This on is laser cut out of 3mm baltic birch plywood on an 80 watt laser at the Vancouver Hackspace. Great cad file. I took me a second to realize that only one set of legs were in there, but it was trivial to cut the second set. I added a pivot to the guns on the head. Thanks again! I love it!

Erivelton (author)NEIN2015-07-18

Wow, what a beautiful wood! Too bad that here in Brazil we do not have so many options in specialty stores :-( places to cut with laser are rare and almost always expensive, I have a lot of in the future will mount a place for it. The adaptation of the weapons was an interesting idea :-).

CJGFX (author)2015-07-12

Just wanted to say thank you Erivelton for sharing this project. It came at a prefect time for my sons Star Wars party. I added foam to the compartments and we used it as a Pop Cake stand. It looked great and the kids thought so too. Thank you once again...

2015 23:27.jpg
Erivelton (author)CJGFX2015-07-12

I just have one thing to say, perfect! No doubt it was this kind of thing that led me to share the project here at Instructables. I have learned a lot in the community, I thought it was time to return it. This is the first time I see him cut with Laser until then had produced three copies that I gave as a gift to friends with a router.

NEIN (author)2015-07-12

Hi again! It seems like the top of the neck is divided into four parts in the DXF. Is this required, or just an error? It's easy to fix. I'll just glue a support piece to the underneath away from the tabs. Almost done!

NEIN (author)NEIN2015-07-12

Sorry, that should be the bottom of the neck.

seamster (author)2015-07-09

This is so cool. Thanks for sharing the details of how you made this!

Erivelton (author)seamster2015-07-09

Many thanks seamster!

CJGFX (author)Erivelton2015-07-10

Just got onto my office computer and the DXF file won't open correctly. Is there something wrong with the link or is it my computer, it is just opening up at a TXT file. Thank you

Kiteman (author)CJGFX2015-07-11

You need to open it with a programme like Inkscape, or import it into the software you use to drive your cutter.

Erivelton (author)CJGFX2015-07-10

Hi CJGFX! I originally saved the file in DXF format 2010. I upload a new file in DXF format 2000, to increase compatibility.

CJGFX (author)Erivelton2015-07-11

Perfect thank you.... Getting the laser cutter warmed up...

NEIN (author)2015-07-11

I can't wait to build this! What's the difference between the two dxf files?

Erivelton (author)NEIN2015-07-11

Hy NEIN, for compatibility reasons, I made available a version in 2010 dxf and another in 2000 dxf. I will clarify this point in the text.

CraigRJess (author)2015-07-10

Anything Star Wars is awesome!

Great job!

Kiteman (author)2015-07-10

Oh, this is great!

I need to make one of these for my desk!

You are such a star for including the DXF files!

Erivelton (author)Kiteman2015-07-10

Hi Kiteman. I thought important to make available the dxf, because only then each can make the necessary adjustments to suit different machines, even do a remix to print in 3D.

Kiteman (author)Erivelton2015-07-10


CJGFX (author)2015-07-09

Brilliant. Thank you

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