AT (Advanced Technology) Shelf


Introduction: AT (Advanced Technology) Shelf

About: I'm Chandra Sekhar, and I live in India. I am interested in electronics, and building small one-off circuits around tiny chips (the electronic kind).

Nail up an old AT computer case on the wall to hold your junk.

Step 1: Attach Nail

I had an old computer case which would not hold the new ATX board. Rather than throw it away, I put it up on the wall so that at least some of my junk can be kept off the floor.

The first step is to hammer a nail into the wall. I was not allowed to, but luckily there were two nails already in that wall. So I decided to do a hanging shelf on a single nail. To hold it steady sticky tape was fixed to the wall at strategic locations. This helps the shelf stay in place even when loaded unevenly.

Step 2: Add Shelves

Now that the frame is up, I need shelves. Old circuit boards with all components removed do the job very well.

Step 3: Load It Up

Stack your junk on it. And that is about it.

You can attach various other storage units to this, limited only by the carrying capacity of that single nail.

Step 4: Another Version

The photo shows a previous incarnation, which I took down in order to clear vertical space above my desk.



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    Good work, you may cover it with a piece of cloth or some painting etc. than it will look nicer.

    heyy, i would rename this thing to "A piece of junk to hold more junk". lol. anyway, i tried to build this with a desktop computer case... and i need a bunch of extra planks of wood to make a botttom, top, and to hold it up. nice project. keep up the great ideas.

    1 reply

    I think it is a good concept however you could make it better by putting a door / window on the front so you can close it. That might make it look a bit neater aswell :)

    This is the kind of decoration I'd really love to have in my place... but it's obvious you're not married.

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    Heh that is one ugly shelf, but it looks functional! Good way to recycle that old non dual core POS! :)

    yea 3000th instructable reached!!!

    I don't know. It almost looks like you just wanted Instructable #3000 pretty bad. ;>) But, that's gotta be worth something, so I went ahead and bumped your saltwater cirtcuit-etching up a plus. Your EOW Initiator was a close second. Hey, if you're feeling froggy sometime, checkout my instructable collaboration on the new "hand" keyboard.