Picture of ATARI 2600 Joystick LED's (v1)
LED's v1.bmp
Everyone has put LED's on an NES controller right? well, we thought out of the box and added LED's to an Atari 2600 controller! (This is the crappy version, the good version is coming soon.)
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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Picture of Gather Supplies
Supplies Needed:
4 LED's (I used red)
1 Atari 2600 joystick controller

Tools Needed:
Soldering iron (optional but suggested)
Hot Glue gun (optional but suggested)
Drill bit the diameter of your LED's
Phillips Head Screwdriver

Step 2: Disassemble the controller

Picture of Disassemble the controller
To disassemble the controller, locate the 4 screws on the underside, and unscrew them. Keep the controller upside-down to avoid losing parts. Separate the top half from the bottom, and watch out for any parts falling out. Keep special care of the spring on the button (I lost it and had to cut up a pen spring.) put the screws, spring, and button where you WON' T LOSE IT!

Step 3: Drill the holes

Picture of Drill the holes
Before drilling the holes, you can cut off the ribs under right where you drill (I didn't, so I got crappy holes.) Drill where the orange circles are, and do not go through the little outer ledge shown. The LED will not go in. You will cut off some of the circle. If you did not cut the plastic ribs off, be careful, if you aren't, the drill could veer off course and make an oval hole or a slanted hole.

Step 4: Insert LED's

Picture of Insert LED's
Hot glue would be neater, but I was too lazy to go out and get the hot glue gun out of my automated lemonade stand ;) so I used Liquid Nails, dipped the LED into the tube, then put it through the hole, and let it set. Push the down so the edge stops it, but not so much that it pops through.

Step 5: Wire to ground

Picture of Wire to ground
Twist wires around the short leads (ground) of the LED's, and twist them all together. If you do a voltometer test, all of the short leads should be connected. (To anyone who noticed the LED on the button, that was abandoned due to issues. Once it was all connected, the button was interpreted as always closed. (I will work on that in the better version) just ignore the extra LED for now.

Step 6: Connect LED's

Picture of Connect LED's
Connect the LED's by their long (positive) leads by the following;

right Brown
down blue
left green
up white
button orange (not used for now)

Lastly, twist one wire around any of the LED's short leads (since they're all connected) and connect the other end of that wire to the black pin.

Step 7: (optional) Solder

Picture of (optional) Solder
Again this step is optional but suggested. Solder all of the twist points, and all of the connectors. This step really helps increase the reliability and durability.

Step 8: (Optional) Hot Glue

Picture of (Optional) Hot Glue
Again this step is optional but suggested. Glue at all of the specified points. This step increases the reliability and durability even more.

Step 9: Close It all Up

Picture of Close It all Up
Before all, you should secure the wires as shown in the picture with hot glue to reduce hassle. First, start with the top piece. (with the joystick) hold it upside down, so you are looking at the bottom of the joystick and your LED's. Now put the button back in and the spring back on. KEEP IT UPSIDE-DOWN!
Put the board back on the top half, STILL HELD UPSIDE-DOWN! Keep the right pins aligned with the right slots when putting it back on. While holding the board in place, put the bottom back on as shown in picture four. With the bottom back on, tighten the screws back up, and you're done!

Step 10: For v2

Picture of For v2
So what do I have planned for the next, good version? well, the LED's will be on the side*, they will be green*, they will be brighter, the holes and wiring will be neater, the button will be illuminated internally, and instead of the lights turning off when a button is pushed, they will turn on. There might also be a rapid fire switch*. I also might paint it gold, to go with a future gold 2600!

*subject to change;)

If anybody wants, they can send me their controller plus five dollars and s+h and I will mod it for you and send it back! (hopefully it will be neater) while it might look crappy, it is guaranteed to work for you, and I will test it myself! Or (I would if I were you) you can wait for v2, and once I have that down, and I'll turn your controller into a v2 for $10-20 (extra dollar for gold spray paint (if I decide to institute the paint thing) v1 will still be available of course.) Just drop me an email @ 27ace27@gmail.com
XOIIO5 years ago
Use chrome paint and use blue LED's. That would be awesome!
27ace27 (author)  XOIIO5 years ago
that does sound cool! I think that is what I will do once I finish the gold one.