ATX Power Supply





Introduction: ATX Power Supply

Well   This is my Second Go at this Particular Build.

Get a Used Power supply in Working Order.
open it.  Get all the wires in Groups. All the Backs, Reds,Orange,Yellow.

Keep  the Brown Together with the Orange,
The Green Goes to Switch along with a Ground Wire
The Grey Wire to and LED Along with a GND Wire and a 330R
The Purple To an LED Along With a GND Wire And A 330 R

I Have 3 Sets of Gnd Wires Too many to Put on one Banana Plug.
The Yellow ones to one Female Banana Plug .
The Orange and 1 Brown to One Female Banana Plug.
The Blue,White Not Need it. Just put Heat Shrink on them.

You Need a Resistor 10 OHMS 10 W  Between The Ground Wires and the Red Wires.

See Pictures. MAke sure to Heat Shrink All your  Connections. Be careful   Disconnect Power Supply If checking Wires Etc.

My Build Did Work Fine . Till Today. It was not Turning ON. 
So I Open it And Was checking Cables Etc.

And Got A SHOCK!!!!!!!!   and Killed The Power Supply.


I Got Careless  Distracted,  just be Careful.

Now Go and Build Something.

By they Way This was My Very 1st Shock..........



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Hey mspencer8. You can do another 5v post see picture.

2016, 7:15 AM.jpg

Hey i just wanna ask i can add another post for a 5volt with a 4amp or 5amp current? Because im gonna use that to charge 18650 batteries..

Is there a possibility to do that?

And also all of 3.3, 5 and 12 volts are all 16 amps, where should solder the brown wire?

My psu is Delta Electronics DPS-220U B-5 A if you wanna check it out..

I really need you held right now man..

may be if you find another power supply. this one has only one 5v post.....

its an old one.. and its dead now. check you tube and you may find what your looking for.... all t he wires you see in a power supply have different Voltages. to run Various computer components .

the reason the resistor is there .. is to fool the power supply by creating some resistance 5V and Ground, so it thinks that is connected to a Computer. other wise it will not power up.

this is for old PSU.

new power supply just need connect Green wire too GND for turning ON!


what about the yellow-white, yellow-black and yellow-blue wires?

2015-05-11 21.36.51.jpg2015-05-11 21.36.56.jpg

that wires are 12V and GND of 4PIN Connector.

just cut them off.

you have 12V on solid yellow wires.

I learned after many builds and many installations, a good multi meter is my best friend!! test, test and test again. better cautious than fried.

I'm a professional electrician. There's an old saying amongst electricians. A good electrician might get his fingers tingled now and again, bad electricians die. A little shock now and then insures our respect for power. No respect, you die.

i hear ya brother... i will be extra careful......