Step 6: Add the extras

basically we have everything, just need to add the antenna, subwoofer outputs and spring clips, I will not add binding posts because they are more expensive and power is not that much. I tried to put an internal antenna, but it didn't worked there was no signal, so I add a car antenna, this way radio was enjoyable, the process is easy just plug the antenna to the stereo make a hole in the tower where you want to screw the antenna. For the subwoofer preamp output I bought a pair of rca to mount on a plate and mounted them on a piece of cardboard, make sure the rca don't not touch the tower or it will cause interference problems. Finally, for the spring clips use your imagination again, I mounted them on a piece of cardboard as shown in the images and adjusted it by pressure on the tower and finally with the Elmer's glue stix all, remember to weld all the pieces once you're sure about their position and operation. it would also be nice to add some extra support for the unit, and i forgot to mention that I added an array of leds that came out of a lamp they don't appear around here since this was a last moment modification lightning looks cool from the inside of the tower.
In regards to your internal antenna problem, you could try making a fractal antenna and put that on the inside. I made one(from an instructable) for my HDTV and it works great (mind you, it's not actually inside the tv). They use fractals in cellphones now. That's why you don't see antennas sticking out anymore. Just a thought. BTW i'm going to use your instructable at some point. I'm still accumulating parts. Thanks!