Introduction: ATmega328P BOOTLOADER

ATmega328P BOOTLOADER and IDE programmer

You need:
1: Experimental board from EVIL MAD SCIENTIST LAB. in USA - find them here:

2: 5V Micro USB Tiny AVR ISP ATtiny44, found on EBAY from China.
3: 16 MHz x-tal, also from China
4: 2 pc. 22 pF capasitors, I use SMD but other is OK
5: 1 resistor 10 K Ohm
6: 1 pc. 3M programming-sockel, 28 pin
7: soldering tool

8: 3 pc. LED-diode
9: 3 pc. 390 Ohm Resistors
10: IC 7805, 5 volt regulator
11: 2 x 10 uF, 25 Volt Capasitors, (minus to ground)

With the board in your hand, you just put on the components and solder them - there is nothing in it.

Step 1:


The programmer can do both BOOTLOADER- and IDE-programming.

In menu, TOOL, set the BOARD to "Arduino Duemilanove or Diesemila". You will se an ADD of "ATmega328" in the next line.
If you use a 5V Micro USB Tiny AVR ISP ATtiny44, you do not have to define a COM-port, as you se, there is not any to select.
Select "Programmer" as "USBtinyISP", and you are DONE the setup.

Step 2:

BOOTLOADER Programming

Now just push the line "Burn Bootloader" in the TOOL-menu, and you are FINISHED.

Step 3:

Arduino IDE Programmer
The SETUP is the same as for Bootloading, but look at the menu-line under SKETCH, and here you will find a point "Upload Using Programmer". Shortkey is "Ctrl-Shift + U".

There is another shortform for this command:

"Hold Down the shift-key, and push the UPLOAD-button with your mouse."

So now, LOAD your sketch into the ARDUINO IDE, hold Down the shift-key, and push the UPLOAD-button, and you are DONE.

A fast and easy project, finished before x-max.
VY 73 de OZ6YM, Palle



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    11 months ago

    Dear friend UtkarshVerma

    I am an Experimenting RadioHAM Amateur, and like to do the things easy, so my ATmega328P Bootloader is now... at all time... ready to use...

    More at:

    Injoy your ARDUINO, and have a nice day...

    Thanks for your comment...
    I do not need 2 pc. of Arduino UNO to make a bootload... hihi
    vy 73 de OZ6YM, Palle

    your method does beat my method in that aspect, but my method doesn't require much effort. Anyways, there are always more than one solutions to a problem.

    Good info, thanks for sharing this.