ATtiny85 LED Dice





Introduction: ATtiny85 LED Dice

Today I will show You my new project - LED Dice using a ATtiny85.

When You press the button, it generates a number randomly and displays it as a die.

Step 1: Materials


  • ATtiny85 (also You can use ATtiny45 and ATtiny25)
  • DIP8 socket
  • 7 green LEDs (3V)
  • Tact switch
  • 10kΩ resistor
  • Single side perfboard (12 x 22 holes)
  • 2 batteries with holder

You also need:

  • Wire for making paths
  • Heat shrink tubing for isolate paths
  • Solder and rosin
  • Soldering iron
  • Third hand
  • Pliers
  • Hot glue gun

and Arduino for programming ATtiny.

Step 2: Schematic and Design

Here is a schematic and design (both done in Fritzing) of my LED Dice.

Step 3: Soldering Time!

Put the elements on perfboard and solder them. Next make the paths using wire and heat shrink tubing.

Step 4: Prepare Battery Holder

Remove the wires from their original locations and put them in the lower holes. Next shorten wires and cover them with solder.

Step 5: End of Soldering.

Now solder the battery holders cable to perfboard. Next hot glue the board to battery case.

Step 6: Program the ATtiny Using Arduino

How to program the ATtiny you will learn from this instructable.

I prepared amazing code.

After the programming, put ATtiny to finished board. Remember to the dot next to the first pin.

Step 7: Done

The ATtiny85 LED Dice is done.

This was my first Instructable.

I'm sorry for its poor quality.


  • See attached the sol...-mloro

    mloro made it!


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I'd like make a PCB and sell them as kit for self-assembly. 3D printing is too expensive for it...

I don't know what you are talking about, this is an excellent first instructable! Thanks for sharing and being a part of the community!

Thanks, I don't think so, because I am not Englishman, I'm from Poland.