This Instrunctable is to show you how to make a audio to light modulating game controller rack. This light system can get hooked up to a XBOX 360 (like mine) Playstation 3, Zune, Ipod... whatever.

1 12 inch by 24 inch fluorescent plexiglass 1/4 inch thick (bought from the internet)
1 Armory Game controller rack (bought from the internet)
4 #6 3 inch bolts (bought from lowes)
12 #6 nuts (bought from lowes)
2 #6 wingnuts (bought from lowes)
1 15 foot lamp wire (bought from lowes)
1 night light socket (bought from lowes)
1 7 watt night light
1 cheap box (dollar store)
1 AUDIO TO LIGHT MODULATING kit (bought from the internet)
2 wall outlets (bought from lowes)

It all starts with a 1/4 thick 12 inch by 24 inch peice of fluorescent plexiglass. About 15 dollars on line

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Step 1: Assemble the Armory

Picture of Assemble the Armory
This is an Armory from armorytech. Buy online about $19.00. This rack is made to store game contollers for the XBOX 360, or playstation 3. I got mine signed by Major Nelson, Trixe and E from XBOX Live Team, and Leo Leporte, well know podcaster. http://www.armorytech.com

Step 2: You will need some hardware

Picture of You will need some hardware
these are #6 3 inch bolts.
2 for stand offs
2 to bolt the armory to the plexiglass
Wing nuts to hold the armory to the glass

Step 3: Night light

Picture of Night light
Epoxy a night light to the center of the back of the rack, 7 watts

Step 4: Add the bolts to the rack

Picture of Add the bolts to the rack
Put two nuts at about 50% of the hight of the light

Step 5: Bolt the glass and rack together

Picture of Bolt the glass and rack together
Add the lamp wire to the night light and fish it through the glass. Now carefully drop the glass over the rack and use the wing nuts to hold in place.

Step 6: Add stand off bolts

Picture of Add stand off bolts
Add the stand off bolts to the bottom to keep the glass away from the wall. You don't want the bulb to touch the wall.

Step 7: Plug

Picture of Plug
Simply add a plug to the wire

Step 8: Audio to light

Picture of Audio to light
Add a Audio to Light Modulator Kit Complete electrical isolation between input audio signal (low voltage circuit) and output light modulation. Operates from 120 VAC line. Audio input via 3.5mm jack.
I got mine at for $15 at

Step 9: Bolt board to the inside of box

Picture of Bolt board to the inside of box

If you are unsure about working with outlets get someone to help you that knows about electicity.

This board is very simple. Two Connectors go to the wall power plug, two connectors go to your outlets in the box. (see next slide)

Step 10: Add outlets if you want

Picture of Add outlets if you want
I got this tool box at a dollar store. Each outlet is about 50 cents. Mount the outlets into the box. I used a dremel tool to cut the holes.

Plug a 3.5 mm jack into the audio jack and connect it to a stereo, xbox, zune.

The power going to the outlets goes through the little board. the board will give more electricity to the outlets based on the voltage of the music being feed into the jack. Bass = bright lights, whispers = lights out. This is adjustable.

Enjoy the light show.

My xbox explosions light up the room.

Sowee5 years ago
Well, I really want to understand your ible, but theres not a final image and i can't see the video, it's private :/
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
This is a good first Instructable and a cool project. Here are a few friendly suggestions. There are a few things that could make it better: 1 A complete parts and supply list 2. You could explain a little further what an "Armoury" is. I didn't know (guess I'm getting old) but I finally figured it out. 3. Step 3 Nightlight could be explained a little more. Where did you get one with the socket like that? 5. Step 6 explain why you should "Add stand off bolts" I understand after reading it a couple times. Others might find it confusing if they don't know why they are doing it. 6. Add a safety step. I know you address electricity at one point, but you may want to add a step that encompasses all of the safety factors involved, i.e tool usage, router, saws etc. 7. Show a step of cutting and routing I think this is a great project and it came out looking so great! I think I will make one in the future, I have been looking for a audio to light modulator for a while. In the end you came out with a really cool project.
MFCrow (author)  Mr. Rig It7 years ago
Thanks for your comments, I will make these changes, except for the cutting and sawing, it is a little late for those pics.
bumpus7 years ago
excellent pictures, you should do an instructable on how to take pictures of this quality
MFCrow (author)  bumpus7 years ago
Thank you Sir, unfortunately the instructable would go like this. 1) Buy really good camera to compensate for my lack of photography skills 2) Take photos MFCrow
bumpus MFCrow7 years ago
yeah, more or less haha