The elements you are about to see come from our ball machine "Automated". I hope you find this instructable helpful. I will give tips and pointers on how you should do it.

Step 1: Element

This element I got from someone but I changed it. It is a two ball activated,one ball comes rolling on and gets stuck in the pit. Then a second one comes and both balls fall off.


great elements!
<p>thanks, although almost none are new. I think we should do some editing here.... :P</p>
well its always nice to have them shown somewhere :D I like the funnel thing
<p>cool but the loop is kind of pathetic you should look at mine it's caled zipy zoom</p>
<p>yeah... your right! I saw your stuff! Cool!!</p>
Thank you.
<p>what for?(can't remember)</p>
you're welcome.
Nice! It's cool that the ball doesn't stay inside the base of the machine, it's just like it makes a whole travel in your house.
<p>We did suffer some broken balls though. The balls would keep falling off <br> either right before or right after the Ferris wheel.either on that free <br> fall,on the wheel itself,comes off too soon,gets misaligned and falls <br>off on the side of the track,and sometimes ROLLS OVER THE TUBING ON THE <br>OTHER END OF THE TRACK(the one that catches the ball)SOooOOOOO..... We <br>have to put a big ugly guard rail on it!!!!!!!!!! :( Thanks for saying <br>you like it.)<br>:-)</p>
<p>No problem ;)</p>
Sorry the video wasn't working but I fixed it!

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