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Today I am going to make life hack "instructable" can save both money and time. This is the tutorial of “how to make an automatic solar powered night light”. This device can charge at daytime and work automatically at night

Step 1: Know Your Circuit

This device has three circuits. a switching circuit. a solar charging circuit with battery and a LED night light circuit

Step 2: The Switching Circuit

Picture of The Switching Circuit

Switching circuit is most

important part in this system. to make the switching circuit you need


2) 150K Ohm resistor (see the step 3 for more details)

3) 3 2pin PCB connecter

4) Wires

5) LDR


Fig shows the circuit

I am using a long two core coated wire to connect the LDR to main circuit. it will help to avoid the unwanted lights from other light sores

Step 3: Calibration of the Circuit

This is the most important step

in the circuit designing. Calibration of the circuit helps to improve the sensitivity of the dark sensor

LDR is the important component of this circuit. it will act as the dark sensor. There are two methods to calibrate the LDR one pre calibration and other one is post calibration

In pre calibration we use a single resistor with pre calculated resistance. in post calibration we use a variable resistor and calibrate circuit at final stage

I am using pre calibration just because of its simplicity in India cost of a variable resistor are 5 to 10 times higher than a single resistor

For pre calibration you need to find the right resistor. For this first you need to find R max and R min of the LDR

Connect your LDR to multicenter and find the maximum resistance(R max) at day time. Repeat the step at night time and find out the minimum resistance(R min)

In my case R max is 600k and R min is 2k

To find the resistance we need I am using voltage divider equation

V out = V in x (R2/R1+R2)

V out = voltage to MOFSET Gate

V in = supply voltage (12V)

R1 = R min (2K or 2000 Ohm in my case)

R2 = R1 (I am using 150K or 150000 Ohm resistor)

12x (2000/2000+ 150000) = .150V

That means the MOFSET will stay off

Now test with R max .it is 600K or 600000 Ohm

12x (2000/2000+ 600000) = 9.5V

So the MOFSET is turn on and it switch on the light

Step 4: "Power, Light and Charging"

Picture of "Power, Light and Charging"

I am using a 12v 7Ah battery as

power source and a 12v 2W LED as light source. To charge the battery i am using 12v 6W solar panels. to reduce the cost i am using a DC to DC buck converter as charge controller. it can boost 12v to 14v and prevent reveres flow of voltage with a high capacity diode

You may wonder how this circuit work without any overcharge protection

After the one month test run i found out that these solar panels can’t fully charge the battery. Due to low current, battery needs 18 hours to fully charge the battery but sunlight is only available for 12 house max. in conclusion at the night time the switching circuit and LED light consume 10 to 12w of power from battery and at day time the solar panels refill the battery. Little bit tricky but its work!

Step 5: Fitting and Wiring

Picture of Fitting and Wiring

The fig shows the circuit of whole system

Step 6: The Moment of Truth

If everything is correct the circuit switch on the light at night and switch off and charge at the battery at day time. Just fix everything on a safe place and it work automatically

Step 7: Sum Ting More

Picture of Sum Ting More

if you want more powerful light just replace 12V LED with a 12V relay and connect that relay to ac power sources


zahir1997 (author)2017-12-24

this circuit still need to connect to the ac power supply or from the solar panel

vina1991 (author)zahir19972017-12-25

this circuit is designed for solar

AbdulM161 (author)2017-12-13

What is the watts of Solar panel with charging an 7.8ah battery

vina1991 (author)AbdulM1612017-12-13

you need a solar panel can produce more than 10w,i recommend 15w

pristlin (author)2017-04-26

how much does it cost

vihan vikas (author)2016-10-19


can u tell me what is the total cost of this solar project

Aabhishek Sharma (author)2016-08-23

Hi vina I want your WhatsApp number, or any Google+ contact as I am making a group of science lovers and electronics hobbyist either on WhatsApp or hangout.

Mannoj22 (author)2016-05-02

How long can this LED light glow?

vina1991 (author)Mannoj222016-05-02

Full night,about 12 hours

RadithyaA (author)2016-04-13

Where do you Buy That???

vina1991 (author)RadithyaA2016-04-13


yash_khanvilkar (author)2016-03-16

that's just what i was looking for :)

vina1991 (author)yash_khanvilkar2016-03-16

thank you for your positive feedback :)

this is a cheap but effective night light circuit

momoluv (author)2016-03-07

Nice job

vina1991 (author)momoluv2016-03-07

thank you for your positive feedback :)

vharish (author)2016-03-07

where you purchased solar panel, online ? if so please share details ..

vina1991 (author)vharish2016-03-07

actually that solar panes are the gift of my old collage friend.he have a dream for making solar lights for poor who cannot afford electricity. unfortunately he fail to fulfill his dream do to sum political he give me 5 of his solar panel for free

you can find same type of solar panels from ebay or amazon

AXR AMAR (author)2016-03-06

Good !

vina1991 (author)AXR AMAR2016-03-06

thank you for your positive feedback :)

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