I have a DVD player, a VHS video, and a mini-DV video camera. I record off the mini-DV to my PC, I'm also recording VHS to digital in a similar way. Sometimes I take audio-video from the DVD to the PC.

I used to feed composite-video to my PC's graphics-card, and the audio to Line-in via a hacked SCART adapter. This was a pain with regard to switching inputs behind my PC, especially as the current video outputs audio in mono, and I had to bridge connectors with a paperclip to feed both L & R channels. This is pictured on the introduction.

As I've got a lot of bits from old stereos, TV's Videos, I had everything I needed to make a switching box / vision-mixer, so it was about time that I did.

(I use AV to mean Audio/Video)

Step 1: Parts

From TVs / Videos I unsoldered the AV sockets.
From an old stereo I removed (with much difficulty) an input selector switch bank. Pushing one of these switches releases any others that are engaged, so you only have one "on" at a time.
Out of a McDonnel Douglas P-LAN node, some wire.
From my kitchen, an empty mustard tin.
From a laser toner cartridge, some heavy black plastic sheet.
From I can't remember what, screws

Also used:

<p>Hi there, great build! Do you think it would be possible to automate those switches via Arduino? </p>
<p>Where did you get the input selector?</p>
Nice can you show me how to convert the video out put to my mac. I would like to build a dvr with scraps and under $20.
Great job.
g8 idea and work...
is there any way to make this wireless?
u sould make a hd cable&nbsp;one now
OMG&nbsp;WHERED&nbsp;YOU&nbsp;GET&nbsp;THE&nbsp;MCDD&nbsp;PLAN&nbsp;LINK<br />
Awesome stuff, I&nbsp;like the SCART adapter, it's given me a few ideas...<br />
That was a very easy mod of something with sockets on it. The SCART not being used.<br /> <br /> L<br />
Mmm I noticed, but I still have an idea for that kind of thing to record video using the little camera featured on Kipkay's spy camera Instructable.<br />
im flanimals yonger brother
Oh hey there!<br />
Hello!<br /> <br /> L<br />
hi lemonie i im a&nbsp;new instructables person
Hello, again<br /> <br /> I have a camcorder, which records to DVD's. The quality is quite good when i put the DVD in my DVD player. Although when&nbsp;I put it in my computer and rip it the qualtiy is messed up. The camcorder comes with a scart lead. Looking at your design it seems that I could connect my camcorder to my computer with the scart?<br /> Just wander, do you know of a comemraily available product which connects scart's to USB's as it don't have many TV's lying around.<br /> <br /> Thanks<br /> <br /> Oscar
If you look at the SCART adapter, the audio is a &quot;piece-of-&quot; and so is the video. If your PC has composite video-in it'll be straightforward (with / without one). Any USB device you would have to buy, so I'd do this:<br /> <a href="http://www.google.co.uk/#hl=en&amp;q=scart+to+usb+converter&amp;meta=&amp;aq=f&amp;oq=scart+to+usb+converter&amp;fp=177016bc12fe49d4" rel="nofollow">www.google.co.uk/#hl=en&amp;q=scart+to+usb+converter&amp;meta=&amp;aq=f&amp;oq=scart+to+usb+converter&amp;fp=177016bc12fe49d4</a><br /> Which will lead you to places like this:<br /> <a href="http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/Kworld-USB2800D-DVD-Maker-USB2-Convert-you-analogue-Video-VHS-to-DVD" rel="nofollow">www.scan.co.uk/Products/Kworld-USB2800D-DVD-Maker-USB2-Convert-you-analogue-Video-VHS-to-DVD</a><br /> <br /> L<br /> <br />
I&nbsp;am in the process of building one of these my self, I have just been procrastanating on it for the last 2 or 3 months. <br /> <br /> Great job though on yours. If I had a my cam I would show you mine in progress. I guess I need to get it done now huh
It's the switch bank from a stereo (or otherwise) that you need - I just had one.<br /> <br /> L<br />
Yea I know what it is I was just complementing you on yours and saying that I have been putting one together and just needs to finish it.<br /> <br /> You did give me some new ideas for mine though
.&nbsp; Nice job.<br />
Thanks. And it actually does something useful...<br /> <br /> L<br />
&nbsp;*bows* Sir, you have just created the one thing all nerds need, and I commend you on such a great ible! I am thinking of doing 2 of these in tandem, one for component and regular rca cable and the other for just audio.
Thanks, I hope you get yours built.<br /> <br /> L<br />
very nice and useful device, I'll be using your instructable for my lcd behind drywall project...<br />
You need the right switches, these stereo input selectors are two DPDTs in one. I added another diagram to step 3.<br /> <br /> L<br />
Very nice :-)&nbsp; <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
To prevent any confusion - the text implies that vision mixing is taking place &quot;This was not designed for vision-mixing, but it does the job rather well regardless.&quot;<br /> <br /> This is source selection there is no vision mixing of any kind taking place. Vision mixing allows one or more sources to be viewed at the same time as in a fade for instance.<br /> <br /> Not a flame just don't want anyone to think they can actually mix video with it.<br /> <br /> I.<br />
I was thinking of switching between sources, as a vision-mixer (as they are credited on TV productions) would switch between cameras / tape. I wouldn't claim that this does anything else.<br /> <br /> L<br />
&nbsp;sweet, i dont know what it is but it looks cool
It switches multiple video inputs, you could use it on a TV.<br /> <br /> L<br />
&nbsp;oohh ok :)
Great job.<br />
Great idea on the project case. <br /> <br /> You did a really good job on this! 5*<br />
Thanks, I'm more pleased with the way it works though, but the case is super-compact.<br /> <br /> L<br />

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