AVAMGERR: Anti Vechile Anti Material Gun W\ Extra Recoil Reduction: a Really Big Knex Gun





Introduction: AVAMGERR: Anti Vechile Anti Material Gun W\ Extra Recoil Reduction: a Really Big Knex Gun

About: This part used to be full of crap but I finally deleted all of it. I'm Tigernod. I'm a student from North Brabant. You are all awesome and I love you. <3

Update: 16 Juli 2009 Tomorrow a new slideshow will be released which will contain new information and pictures about both the AVAMGERR and the SPARCCS. It will also contain information about a new compact shotgun sidearm by me, and some general news about the knex community. I am planning of releasing this every month or so, so stay sharp.

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present you my newest knex creation... The AVAMGERR. (not to be confused with avanger) My largest knex gun so far. Even bigger then the the SPACSAILS or SPARCCS. It's big, it's mean, it's kickass, and I love it. It consists out of two weapons: a big long range RPG, and a secondary 4 barrelled minigun for laying down suspressive fire. It has this great scope which is also seen on the SPARCCS and is rumored to be from Dsman with the weird numbers behind his name, so give him credit on that. Also, this is the second gun I really need for my war set (the first is my SPARCCS as a primary, the second is the AVAMGERR as an anti tank weapon, LR grenade launcher, and light mnachine gun, the third are 2 one handed pump action shotgun sidearms, the fourth is a grenade launcher and the fifth is sniper)

So that's all I have to tell! This slideshow will get updated in a week with a more detiled approuch of cool features, so stay tuned! Oh, and check out the SPARCCS too. It looks even better.



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    Sorry, I am not going to post it. Why not? Because I admit it kinda sucks.

    Well, that's good to hear, because that is what it's made for. Btw, if you think you can make instructions out of the pictures, that would be nice. Or I can send over some more detailed pictures for you, if you like.

    could you send me some pics too i wanna build

    Sure. But I reccomend you use the pictures in the instructable instead. It's not a very difficult construction; basically a long set of blue rods connected by purple 3D connectors, and with some random stuff added to it.

    If you can't build it from the pictures, ask me again and I'll just post some more pics.

    Some more pictures would be appreciated, I'll try for an 'Ible. Thank you!

    Hello dr, I want you to know that I am on (how to say that) vacation for the next two weeks, and I don't think I can't upload the pictures before tomorrow. You will have to wait till' Thursday.

    You said it right. Okay, then, have fun! I don't care about the wait.

    The new pictures are uploaded, however they won't show up. Maybe it is that error Oblivitus told me about...

    I hate that stinking error! It's okay, hopefully there'll be a fix.

    Do they show up now? I really need to break apart my AVAMGERR soon, I have no more K'nex left!

    OOPS soimething went wrong the new pics are not uploaded at all wait I'll try to fix it this could take maybe even days.

    How is the Ible going?

    Dead. I'm sorry. I can't even tell, without it being called "not an 'Ible", explain it using words AND pictures. Do accept my apology, as I was near-finished.

    Nah, It's ok, in the end it was not so really awesome after all. Thanks for the time you put into it.

    Good. I wish you good luck on building and contact me if you need help.