Do you LOVE James Cameron's movie, Avatar? Have you always wondered what you would look like as a Na'vi? Then THIS is the tutorial for YOU!!


This Instructable uses Adobe Photoshop. I used version CS5 for this tutorial but most versions should work similarly. The first step is finding the perfect photograph!! It doesn't matter if you are using a photograph of yourself or of a friend, or even a celebrity, there are just a few rules that make the process easier...

1) Photos that are "straight on" views are easier that faces at an angle.
2) Faces with no teeth showing work best.
3) Higher resolution pictures turn out better than low resolution pictures.

Once you've picked out your picture, you are ready to start!
<p>I don't get step 2 how do I use the lasso tool?</p>
wow you did a good job putting this all together, esp manipulating the facial features!
Thank you!! It took awhile but I'm so happy with the result!! I am going to use this as my graphic arts final photoshop exam!

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