AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable Setup


Introduction: AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable Setup

Learn how to setup your Live Gamer Portable!

Step 1: Set to Proper Capture Setting

Make sure that you capture mode switch is on the right mode:
Memory card: PC-Free
Laptop: PC Needed

Step 2: Plug Your Console In

Plug your console into the HDMI in or AV in.
PS3/4: AV
Xbox 360/One

Step 3: Plug Your TV In

Plug your tv into the HDMI out port.

Step 4: Plug Your Class 10 Memory Card In

If you're recording PC free, you do need a memory card. Of not, you don't.

Step 5: Add Power

Plug in the included power cable

Step 6: PS3: HD Recording Guide

Follow the pictures for HD ps3 gameplay.



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    I have done every step here exactly as it says but it still doesn't work

    1 reply

    What console do you have?