Picture of Make A Better Ninja Mask
OK this is my first instructible so tell me how i could improve. Ever wanted to be a ninja but didnt have a mask? Yes, i know, its a NNEEEDDD when it comes to ninjas! heres how to make one.
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Step 1: Number 1

Picture of Number 1
take a t-shirt and put it on part way. like this.

Step 2: Numbare 2!

Picture of Numbare 2!
take the sleaves and tie a tight overhand knot at the back

Step 3: Numero tres

Picture of numero tres
ninjistu! 001.jpg
pull the bottom of the shirt up over your head . you could keep it like this, or saftey pin the sides at the back.
it works better with a long sleeve shirt but great instructable
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So what? Give him a break!
Wilus4 years ago
NICE! I'll make one for me.
haha sweet ninja mask
btw you have really kewl colored eyes :P
is your name Russle?
I need an instructable on how to make a full on ninja costume out of actual poly cotton or just cotton materials, starting from scratch. oh, and please not just cut up T-shirts XD
daninja (author)  PyroManiac966 years ago
I'll try...
try, brng out the creativeness of everything that is good and instructabl-ey but i found a full body ninja costume online :)
daninja (author) 6 years ago
any tips for a better 'sible?
yes but this is better than those ones
iMac6 years ago
Wow, another ninja mask instructable... Just what we needed