This is not just an ordinary  quilt, oh no! This is an awesomely warm cozy MINKIE quilt  to make over a weekend. It is made from minkie an incredibly soft fabric that is also very warm.  It is also made with high pile fleece and flannel.  I made it with several different textures to soothe the spirit.  It has a pocket on the back to keep a book and stuffed  animal in as well as keeping your hands warm.  This size is suitable for any age, for babies, children, or adult lap quilt.   It is great to keep in the car or use as a lap quilt or while sitting at the PC.  Any receiver will cherish a hand made quilt like this because quilts are becoming a thing of the past.  The cost will  depend largely on the fabric choice.  Minkie is approximately $10.00 a yard and high pile fleece is about $8.00 a yard.  But if you have a Hobby Lobby in your area, they offer a 40% off coupon on any regular priced item almost every 2 weeks in the Sunday newspaper.  Batting for this size was $6.00.  If you have the book and stuffed animal and omit the batting that cuts down the cost considerably. This quilt is durable and will last years through many washings.  A great investment in my opinion.

I began making quilts more often after my younger brother passed away from cancer several years ago.  I mention this because as a baby he used to always carry his blankie around with him.  A few years before he was ill, I made him a quilt for Christmas.   He was in Dallas receiving treatments and as we were visiting he brought up the quilt that I made him and said:  (as a tear rolled down his cheek) that it had brought him much comfort.    For hundreds of years quilts have brought comfort and warmth to all ages of people while they were cold, sick, or just relaxing. I have made over 300 lap quilts (in memory of him) and given them to someone that needed comforted.    

Step 1: Supplies

This quilt measures: 57X57 (finished size)
I made 9 inch blocks 18 of flannel and 18 of high pile
You will need to figure what size pocket for the back side of the quilt for the book and stuffed animal, be sure to allow extra,  as it is better too large than too small.  My pockets finished measurements are:16 wide by 8 long.

You will need: 3 different coordinating fabrics.  (If you are a beginner I would recommend flannel or cotton fabrics because it takes some sewing experience to mix different fabric blends.  Allow extra fabric for pattern repeats. For beginners I also would not recommend plaids or checks because you need to make sure the print was printed correctly on the fabric.  I have found flannel plaids and checks are often printed wrong at the factory and it is difficult to make it look nice for a quilt.    If you are a beginner it is a good idea to check washing instructions for fabrics you choose because you want to mix fabrics that will wash together.  I wash this quilt in cold water, gentle cycle and low dryer heat.  I purchased the Minkie and high pile fabric at Hobby Lobby using their 40% off coupon and brought my brother with me and  used 2 coupons.  They offer a 40% off coupon on any regular priced item about once every 2 weeks.  Their add is always in  Sunday's  newspaper or online.  I purchased the flannel at Walmart. 

1 1/2 yards of Minkie
1 1/2 yards flannel
2 yards of high pile fleece double sided (it was single layered)
1 roll batting,  Low loft (I bought full size) so I had extra because I use it a lot.  If this will be a crib quilt I would omit the batting because this quilt might be too heavy for a small baby. 
Matching thread
Contrasting crochet thread 
Hand sewing needles
Large eyed/ large needle for crochet thread
Large sewing pins
Seam ripper
Small gauge
Long straight edge ruler
Sewing machine
Marking pen
Stuff animal

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