AXE Can Safe





Introduction: AXE Can Safe

A easy to make can safe that easily allows you to hide stuff.

Step 1: Materials:

You will only need three materials
- An Empty Can of AXE
- A Razor Blade
- Something to Hide

Step 2: Getting Started

Carefully pull off the top part of the AXE can with your hand and set it aside for now.

Step 3: Get Inside That Can

You need to use the blade of the razor to carefully pry the silver cap up around the edges so that you can push the whole cap inside of the can. Once that is done you need to reach inside with your hand(or Pliers) and pull the silver cap out from the top.

Step 4: Store Things Inside of Your Safe Can

You can now put what ever you can fit into your can for safe storage, such as Money, passwords, notes, ETC.

Step 5: Cover It Back Up

Take the cap to the Spray bottle that you set aside earlier and genitally press it back onto the can so that what ever is inside the can is not visible.



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Is AXE made by the same company as LYNX

missed out the question mark, my bad

I think it is, except LYNX is a bit more expensive.

They actually are the same exact thing, but in other countries it's called LYNX, not AXE

thisdoesnt wok with the new axe style the twist and spray. its harder to get apart. i like the idea tho i have something similar come and check my stuff out.and dont be rude. o 1 last thing the bigger of the can longer it takes to empty

lmao thats damn hilarious, didnt notice that till now

"genitally" press it back onto the can? Wouldn't that hurt? :P