Introduction: AXE Steamroller

Don't you hate it when you have a bag full of tobacco sitting in your room and you have no way of smoking it?
Well here's your solution. The AXE Steamroller.
This Instructable is about how to make you own AXE Steamroller for a very cheap way to smoke your tobacco.

**Please Read Below Section**
WARNING: Before even writing this Instructable, I looked into health issues about smoking out of cans. Unfortunately, I could not find anything conclusive. I read arguments that said it is unhealthy because there is potential for metal shavings to go into your lungs when you inhale off it. Also, the fumes created from burning aluminum (I am unsure if the AXE can is aluminum. I couldn't find any information about this) and burning the paint (Again, no idea what kind of paint is used on the can so I am unsure what the exact health risks are.) when lighting the tobacco have also been argued to be dangerous and unhealthy. On the other hand, I have read arguments that say a BIC lighter doesn't heat the metal up enough to create the metallic fumes and that cans are fine to smoke out of.

Because this data is inconclusive and the sources I gathered the above data were not completely reliable, I have no idea which of the above ideas are correct. From a personal standpoint, I would recommend not using this often just because of the potential risks. If you are going to make this, do it in emergency situations when you have nothing else to smoke out of or just for fun to show off to anyone who would find it cool. To the best of my knowledge, smoking out of glass is much better than smoking out of metal. Instead of making this and using it consistently, I would spend the $20-$30 on a glass pipe and not worry about the health risks this raises. Feel free to research this on your own. If anyone does have information on this, feel free to comment below.

Step 1: Supplies

Razor/ Knife/ Blade/ Small,Thin Nail
Wire Cutter (or something that can cut metal)

I realize this list is small, but I was in a hurry when I first made one of these and this is all I had in my room.
I am sure there are many other tools that could accomplish the same thing, but this is what I used.

Step 2: Use Entire Can

Here are several ways to do it:
- Attract women
- Flamethrower
- AXE Spray Grenade
- Spray the entire can continuously (fastest)

Step 3: Mouthpiece

First, you need to remove the black cap that twists open and if you use a little pulling action, it should pop right off. Underneath you will see a small white knob; cut it or pull it off using a pliers or wire cutter. Even though the can doesn't spray anymore AXE out of it, there is still some air pressure and liquid inside.To release the air pressure, take a nail (or something that is sturdy and pointed like the razor I used) and press down on the knob where you cut/pulled it off. This will release the air inside and will also spray most of what is left of the liquid. When doing this, I put it on the floor and when I pressed down I covered my entire hand and the can with a t shirt so the liquid wouldn't spray everywhere.

After the rest of the air is out of the can, it is safe to start hacking away at it. I just used the wire cutters and began to start cutting and taring the metal on the "inside" part of the top of the can. Once you cut some of the metal out, you will see a tube inside the can. You can remove this and throw it away. After most of the metal has been cut out, you want to bend the metal tabs (created from cutting) inward for safety. You can also file them off and create a smooth edge if you so choose. The mouthpiece is now complete.

Step 4: Carb

This step is pretty easy. For this, I just used my razor but a drill will probably work just as well and quicker. Using the razor, I found the center, and while applying pressure, I just twisted the razor in circles. It slowly shaved a hole though the metal. After the hole is created, there will probably be sharp metal bits around the hole's edge. Simply use a file (I used the back end of the razor which is metal. A coin would work for this too.) and smooth out the edge. The carb is now set to go.

Step 5: Bowl

The first step is to decide where you want to the bowl to be. I would recommend putting it somewhere on the can that is closer to the carb then the mouth piece. You don't want the flame getting to close to your face when you light it. After you've decided where you want it to go, mark that spot. Using either your thumb or some blunt, rounded object (Such as the end of the razor I used or, I believe a Sharpie or some other kind of pen will work as well), apply a constant pressure on the mark you made. The metal should give and create a dent with a little effort. Using your thumb will suffice, but a pen or some kind of tool as described before will create a deeper, more formed bowl.

After you have made the dent that will be your bowl, get a small nail (or a razor like I had) and make several holes in the deepest part of the bowl. Between 7 and 10 holes should suffice. How many holes you want is really up to you. The one shown below has twelve. When puncturing the can to create the holes, you need to be careful not to make the holes too big or else your tobacco could fall through depending on how much it is ground up. 

Step 6: Clean and Rinse

Pretty self explanatory. Rinse and clean with soap and hot water. This will get rid of taste, smell, and the little bit of liquid still left in the can. Cleaning it will also remove any spare metal scraps that may have managed to get inside of the can.

Step 7: Smoke

It's all done!
Pack your tobacco in the bowl, light it up, and smoke!

I have tried it out already and it works great! Two bowls of tobacco and I was super buzzed!

Step 8: Finish

Thanks for reading this Instructable!

If I find out anymore information about the health risks I will update this Instructable. Again, if you have reliable information on this topic, I am curious to learn the truth about the health risks of smoking out of a can. 

I will also modify the bowl at some point using a socket from a socket wrench (non aluminum metal) and hot gluing it or super gluing it into the can or I might try a grommet. Feel free to try this for yourself. You could also use a glass slide and just use a grommet or glue it into place. If anyone attempts to modify it, let me know how it turns out. Just another suggestion I thought of to anyone out there who wants to modify it. If you have a slide or socket with a grommet on it, you could create a stealth steamroller i.e. it'd look like a normal AXE can but you assemble it into a steamroller. With the indented bowl, this isn't possible because the indented bowl gives it away. If you got a slide or socket, you could cover up the hole the slide would go in with something and then do the same to the carb. The slide/socket could also be stored inside the can. With the holes covered up, the slide/socket in the can, and the black twisting top popped back on, it would look much different than normal AXE can.

Comment below or message me if you have questions or concerns about this Instructable.



rimar2000 made it! (author)2012-02-19

Ingenuity worthy of a better cause (target).

lemonie made it! (author)2012-02-19

Seriously dude; make sure not to run out of cigarette-papers.
Or just eat your tobacco*, tastes nasty but you still get the chemicals into your system...


*eating tobacco may be fatal.

Bongmaster made it! (author)2012-02-19

yea like kite says.

you may want to find out why aluminium is not good for pipes before you poison yourself

Kiteman made it! (author)2012-02-19

You're smoking "tobacco", and you're bothered about the health risks associated with using an aluminium can??

Time to get your priorities sorted out, I think, youngling.