Step 4: Carb

This step is pretty easy. For this, I just used my razor but a drill will probably work just as well and quicker. Using the razor, I found the center, and while applying pressure, I just twisted the razor in circles. It slowly shaved a hole though the metal. After the hole is created, there will probably be sharp metal bits around the hole's edge. Simply use a file (I used the back end of the razor which is metal. A coin would work for this too.) and smooth out the edge. The carb is now set to go.
Ingenuity worthy of a better cause (target).
Seriously dude; make sure not to run out of cigarette-papers.<br> Or just eat your tobacco*, tastes nasty but you still get the chemicals into your system...<br> <br> L<br> <br> *eating tobacco may be fatal.
yea like kite says.<br><br>you may want to find out why aluminium is not good for pipes before you poison yourself
You're smoking &quot;tobacco&quot;, and you're bothered about the health risks associated with using an aluminium can??<br><br>Time to get your priorities sorted out, I think, youngling.

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