Picture of Ab Slide Workout
This workout targets the abdominal muscles and the back.
This a great way to feel good about the way you look.
With great Ab's comes greater sel esteem.
All you need is this workout and a balanced diet.,
And the Ab slide

Step 1: Step 1: start position.

Picture of Step 1: start position.
This step is when you find yourself having an Ab Slider and an area where there is a crapet. 
The carpet is used for comfort on the knees as you workout.
- first you rest your bottom unto your heels, that's your starting position.
Lhtrf4 years ago
gotta be really careful with this one, because if you dont have the energy to pull yourself back, your knees are gonna hit the ground with most of your body weight, high speed and no way to slow down. results? painful knees for a couple of minutes and probably permanent knee damage if done over and over again. rest is quite easy to do, and after about 25 reps i can feel abs are actually working :P
georion Lhtrf4 years ago
Whatttttt ?????????????????