Picture of Ab Slide Workout
This workout targets the abdominal muscles and the back.
This a great way to feel good about the way you look.
With great Ab's comes greater sel esteem.
All you need is this workout and a balanced diet.,
And the Ab slide
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Step 3: Step3: Beggining the workout

Picture of Step3: Beggining the workout
-Extend the Ab Slide out in front of you, as far as you can go. (first image)
-Stop when your body is straight and parallel to the floor.
-Your knees will still be on the carpet.
-When you've extended as far as you can go, pull the Ab Slide back in toward you, so that you end up back in a crawling position. (second image)

Step 5: Step 5: Alternative. greater workout.

Picture of Step 5: Alternative. greater workout.
- you could change the workout a little bit by getting your body's weight off your knees and onto your toes.
-This will count for greater resistance against your workout.
- follow the previous steps while doing this.
- extend forward, as far as you can go.
- come back and do 15 repetitions as a set.

-Exercise with the Ab Slide on alternating days, giving your abdominal muscles a day to rest in between workouts. Alternate those days with cardiovascular workout, you'll see faster results.