Introduction: Abe the Airplane

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Hi people of the world! Abe The Airplane is an easy fun and simple craft made of just household items.

What you need:

-Paper cup

-Twist ties (6 or seven)

-One chopstick


-Clear tape

-Black marker

Step 1: The Arms

Picture of The Arms

Take scissors and poke a hole on both sides of the cup for the chopstick to go through. The chopstick resembles arms.

Step 2: Abe's Friendly Face

Picture of Abe's Friendly Face

Take a black marker and draw a face on the top of the cup. You could do an expression of your choice. Go crazy!

Every version of Abe is different!

Step 3: Wow, Funky Hair!

Picture of Wow, Funky Hair!

Take any colour twist tie and wrap it around your finger to create a spiral shape. Do the same withj five or six others.

Next, cut a few peice of clear tape and tape his hair on his face. You can do his hair over and over again!

If you don't have twist ties then toothpicks are a great alternative. Simply poke them around his face to make a tall spiky style!


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