Introduction: Abort Shutdown on PC

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It is annoying when you accidentally shutdown your PC, right?

so here I'll teach you how to abort it.

Step 1: Search

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Type cmd on search bar on Windows 7 and run on Windows XP

Step 2: The Code

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type "shutdown.exe -a". This code "-a" stands for abort

Step 3: That's It!

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Mr AbAk (author)2015-01-17

Nice Ible...

rhodges5 (author)2015-01-22

So does this not allow to shut down your computer or is it a hotkey?

NavigatrEx (author)rhodges52015-01-23

you can make a shortcut yourself.

1.Right click on desktop.

2.Click on new > shortcut

3.Type "shutdown.exe -a"

4.then finish.

that should do it :)

NavigatrEx (author)2015-01-21

To instructables' staff I removed the image that I used before. Thank you for your kind reminder

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