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Most of us have seen someone come home from a Caribbean vacation and had one of these beautiful hair wraps. These hair wraps can be very pricy especially if you have long hair as many people charge by the inch and that is if you find someone who does them. If you have ever wondered how to make your own, this is the instructable for you!!! Enjoy and please rate this and leave your comments.

Hair wraps can be worn for up two weeks and can be washed along with your own hair (use light soap) and towel dried.

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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
-Embroidery Floss
-Rubber bands
-Of course hair, I recommend no less then four inches

You don't need very much to make these. The most important part is how much embroidery floss you'll need. Unfortunately there is no right answer. It depends on how much hair your wrapping, how tight you wrap it, and how long the hair is. Here is some guidelines to help. Never use floss shorter then the length of the hair times three. Use on strand of floss per color. The less colors you use the more string you need, so if you wrap only has two colors in it you may want four times the length of the hair. If you do happen to run out of string I will tell you what to do later in the instructable.

Any type of small rubber band will work but the clear tangle-free type don't last as long as the traditional ones actually made from rubber.
Mauigerbil3 years ago
This was SO cool to do! I put a plain teal one in my bangs and LOVED how it turned out! Turns out light teal looks good with medium brown.....
dreadyjazz (author)  Mauigerbil3 years ago
I'm so glad you love it. You should share some pics!
I remember doing this with friends when I was little, but ours never looked this good. Great work. :D
now i see what the difference in our methods. i take the floss and double it back as long as the hair is, and braid it in. then you start your wrapping over the braid. no rubber bands, and it stays put 'till you cut the hair, or the wrap. i still have all of the ones i put in my own hair.
dreadyjazz (author)  handyhippie653 years ago
Thats intreasting. I do it this way since most people want them to removed easily. For really long term hair wraps, I macrame' them in I will post soon on how I do this.
i used to use macrame too. i made macrame strands that i wrap around the main wrap, and weave them back in. makes a cool spiral that you can add beads, or trinkets to. i guess i haven't had anyone want temporary ones. i am also a carpenter, and i guarantee my work for 10 years, so i try to make everything i make last as long as possible.
dreadyjazz (author)  handyhippie653 years ago
I have no doubt would last that long there no reason for them not like i said most people I wrap for want to change it a few days to match there outfit or change where it is. I know that my dready friends keep there in for months as I use a shorter version for dread repair.
Hi. Thanks for the instruction. I was hoping to replace mine with a long lasting hair wrap. Do you reckon you could post the teqnique for that?
Hi. I'm looking to redo my hair wrap in a more permenant fashion. I got min done in India and the technique you describe Here seems to resemble my hair wrap closest. I would appreciate it if you could instruct me how to replace it.

These are great instructions, this is the 3rd year that I have used them for my daughters hair. Excellent job.

awesome these were all the rage when I was a teen ...so much variety and fun...good one

charli101 year ago
I had one before the dance concert then I had to take it out It took so longer my neck felt like it had whip lash is there an easier way then wrapping it little by little
xxbells1 year ago
I'm actually really happy with the results, it looks awesome in my hair. c:
1Dtabby2 years ago
I did this in my hair then pined it so it looked like a headband
Joan9003 years ago
i've always wanted to do that but it just seemed to expensive.
now i think what if i just do it myself?..
or get a friend help me

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i learned how to do this when i followed the dead for a summer 20 years ago. i charged $1.00 per inch. kept me in food, tickets and transportation. party materials not included. ;) i generally used the colors of the rainbow, plus whatever other colors i had up to 10. i might see if i can still put one in my own hair. that is a tough one. thanx for the trip down memory lane. but why doesn't yours last longer? mine stayed put for months. you had to cut them out. mebbe i'll post my technique.
dreadyjazz (author)  handyhippie653 years ago
Mine can last that long I just find that generally people don't want them in that long. They like to change colors or positions. My model keeps here in for a long time. Nice story I sell mine at festivals too.
rpackham3 years ago
Wow, amazing! I've seen people wearing this style and I can't wait to try it out! Looks amazingly easy, thanks a ton. (:
dreadyjazz (author)  rpackham3 years ago
It is very easy as I said its all about not letting the strands slip. Good luck!
bajablue3 years ago
Well done!!!
dreadyjazz (author)  bajablue3 years ago
Thx! More to come.
Goodhart3 years ago
Although this kind of thing is not "my thing" I must say you have done well with detailing the steps and with the pictures you've included.
dreadyjazz (author)  Goodhart3 years ago
Thank you! I just got my first digital camera so it means a lot.
dreadyjazz (author) 3 years ago
Thank you so much. That what happens when you strat doing hair when your 14 lol. Just take practice!