Absolute Basics of a 4 Cycle ICE in 30 Sec





Introduction: Absolute Basics of a 4 Cycle ICE in 30 Sec

This video has enough information inside to teach someone about the absolute basics about an internal combustion engine. It includes lots of engine vocab and a quick walkthough (more like a sprint) of the ICE process. I built this engine model for the purpose of teaching myself more about ICE engines, it took a long time! Hopefully i spoke clearly enough so that my speed does not interfere with your brains sucking up this important information!. : )



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    Good model, but I'd like to see more detail in a longer instructable too.

    If I call now, do I get a second engine absolutely free? Just pay shipping + handling? Excellent model, really really nice work. Next step: Make it run.

    ok that didnt seem to work, try this then

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    invalid movie: https://www.facebook.com/michael.p.graham?ref=profile#/video/video.php?v=109706871378&ref=mf
    lol i made another engine that runs on compressed air. hopefully the above link will work. I am currently working on one that runs on compressed air that can power a shoebox sized toy car with a clutch!

    Isn't crank:cam gear ratio is 2:1 presenter says its 4:1

    Thank you, you were right, the proper gear ratio is 2:1. Now i have to do something about it

    lol well im not sure about common gear ratios for this, but i KNOW mine is 4:1. Thankyou for bringing attention to this, i will have to think about it.

    sham wow! cool model though, i want one


    Talking too fast is extremely irritating. Almost as much as shouting. It reminds of sleazy commercials and legalese...