Picture of Abstract Art Assignment
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The following instructable will walk you through an art project you can do with your students to help them learn or reaffirm a variety of visual art related theories and techniques. The instructable will walk you through the project itself; for information on how to present the lesson view the lesson plan file attached.

Learning Objectives:

• Learn about abstract art, the differences between abstract and representational art, terms such as geometric and organic shapes, and a selection of art history on the artist Kandinsky.

• Learn and apply a variety of watercolor painting techniques.

• Apply their knowledge of colour to a new independent assignment while learning about abstract art.
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Step 1: What you will need...

Picture of What you will need...
- Paint brushes
- Watercolor paints
- Containers for painting water
- Paper towel
- Newsprint to cover tables
- Blank paper
- Saran wrap
- Pencils
- Erasers
- Rulers
- Black yarn
- Scissors
- White glue
- Glue sticks
- Lesson plan
- Power point file on Kandinsky
- Assignment handout
- Rubric

Step 2: Paint the 5 techniques

Picture of Paint the 5 techniques
Start by setting up your work area with everything you will need including paint, containers with water, a paintbrush, paper towel, and newsprint to keep your work area clean.

Once you are all set up and ready to paint get 5 pieces of paper (I use 8.5x11 paper cut in half width wise), each piece of paper is to be painted in one of the colour schemes as follows (view lesson plan for instructions on teaching each technique and what each color term means):

a) Monochromatic scheme in a graduated wash
b) Analogous scheme in wet on wet technique
c) Warm colours using dry brush cross hatching
d) Cool colours using saran wrap technique
e) And two complementary colours in a linear pattern

You should have one piece of paper for each theme.

(For younger grades you may simplify by having students paint each of the 5 papers however they like to simply get across the concept of abstract art)
poofrabbit3 years ago
Very cool and good luck in the contest!
wilgubeast3 years ago
Thanks for including that rubric. That'll save somebody a lot of time. Great project, and I bet your students enjoy it.
amybelleteacher (author)  wilgubeast3 years ago
Your welcome and thank you! :) I hope someone can get good use out of it like I have. I find it particularly useful with high energy groups that thrive on step by step structured projects.
I like Kandinsky's work. Nice job!
Thanks! :)