Ac to Dc Voltage Multiplier


Introduction: Ac to Dc Voltage Multiplier

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hi,guys if you want to convert ac voltage to dc filtered voltage that too upto 450v this is where you will get

Step 1:

Essential components
1)0.1uf 450v capacitor(18 pieces)
2) 1n4007 diodes(18 pieces)

Step 2:

now solder the capacitor and diode as shown in schematics.

Step 3:

Take care after switching off the circuit some current will be left in the circuit it will be dangerous for your health



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    19 Discussions

    hi so if I had an input of 4 ac volts would I get 6.8 volts of dc

    hi, my name is uttkarsh
    I love ur instructable and i want to build this for various purposes
    I live in india......and i am not able to find the 0.1uf 450va capacitors pls help

    1 reply

    i am however able to find a 0.1uf 50v capacitor

    but that wont work.....ill have to step down my 240vac input to 50vac which i dont want to because then ill get a 85vdc voltage which i dont want

    pls help

    maybe if there is a altrnative to help me make this

    I want to connect this circuit to 230 volts ac suply .will it work without getting damaged like breakdown in capacitor or something other.if it work what will be DC output? And if does not withstand how can I redesign( like change in capacitor value and diode) to give it input of 230 volt.
    If don't mind, please reply.

    1 reply

    hey suarabh it is already desinged to connnect to 230- 240 v ac source dont take tension just connect it.You will get output voltage that is 1,7 times of ac voltage

    My...input will be....4V AC supply..............what would be the corresponding DC this design.

    1 reply

    Good "to the point" Instructable ! As for step 3 just add a 10M ohm resistor across the output to self discharge the circuit after it's shut off.

    1 reply

    kiteman it's not a marx generator because marx generator consists of aray of resistors and capacitors