hi,guys if you want to convert ac voltage to dc filtered voltage that too upto 450v this is where you will get

Step 1:

Essential components
1)0.1uf 450v capacitor(18 pieces)
2) 1n4007 diodes(18 pieces)
<p>My...input will be....4V AC supply..............what would be the corresponding DC output.....in this design.</p>
<p>u will get around 6 to 6.5 v </p>
What's the input voltage? <br>Can it be used to convert 240V AC to 12V DC?
for which purpose you want to convert it?
Good &quot;to the point&quot; Instructable ! As for step 3 just add a 10M ohm resistor across the output to self discharge the circuit after it's shut off.
Lectric Wizard thankyou sir
kiteman it's not a marx generator because marx generator consists of aray of resistors and capacitors
Wow, this is vey interesting. Do you know how it works?
yes, sir i know
Thanks, Kiteman.
FYI, it's a <em>Marx generator.</em>

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