hi,guys if you want to convert ac voltage to dc filtered voltage that too upto 450v this is where you will get

Step 1:

Essential components
1)0.1uf 450v capacitor(18 pieces)
2) 1n4007 diodes(18 pieces)
I want to connect this circuit to 230 volts ac suply .will it work without getting damaged like breakdown in capacitor or something other.if it work what will be DC output? And if does not withstand how can I redesign( like change in capacitor value and diode) to give it input of 230 volt.<br>If don't mind, please reply.
<p>My...input will be....4V AC supply..............what would be the corresponding DC output.....in this design.</p>
<p>u will get around 6 to 6.5 v </p>
What's the input voltage? <br>Can it be used to convert 240V AC to 12V DC?
for which purpose you want to convert it?
Good &quot;to the point&quot; Instructable ! As for step 3 just add a 10M ohm resistor across the output to self discharge the circuit after it's shut off.
Lectric Wizard thankyou sir
kiteman it's not a marx generator because marx generator consists of aray of resistors and capacitors
Wow, this is vey interesting. Do you know how it works?
yes, sir i know
Thanks, Kiteman.
FYI, it's a <em>Marx generator.</em>

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