I decided to make this academic planner because other planners I had used in the past never had enough space for me to write. I used a 100 page composition notebook that had about 20 used pages, which I turned into reference pages. This project was really fun and will take about 2 hours (not including dating the whole inside).

Composition notebook (I used an old, partially used one)
Sharp Scissors
Glue stick or rubber cement (white glue will cause the paper to wrinkle)
Reference Pages (from your computer, you can print of yearly calendars, monthly calendars, maps, etc. for this)
Duct Tape in your choice of colors (I used Duck Brand Duct Tape Sheets in bright green and yellow, these sheets work best as you want to minimize duct tape edges to ensure it stays looking fresh longer).

Step 1: Inserting Reference Pages

First, make sure you have a clean workspace. I like to put a towel down to ensure pens don't roll of the table and that the space is absolutely clean.

Take your reference pages, make sure the map/calendar/whatever on them is smaller than a page in the composition notebook. Then,  print it out.

Trim the reference pages to size. Place them where you want them in the composition book. If you have an empty page at the front, you may want to save this for a table of contents (so don't glue anything on this page!). Make sure monthly calendars etc. are in the right order at this point.

Glue the corners, and the edges' midpoints with a glue stick or rubber cement. A dab will do ya'. When placing the glue side down, start the contact with the page at the center of the reference sheet. Then, smooth to the corners. This will help prevent wrinkles.

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